Glen Hansard in Vienna

Fall is definitely here now and with it the concert season is starting in full. No festivals anymore, now it is back to small venues and seeing amazing artist. And yesterday I saw one of the best! I have been an avid fan of the band “The Frames” for a very long time and have also seen them already a couple of times. First time in 2005 at the 2 days a week festival in Wiesen where they started the line-up at 1pm. Times have been changing. Still then I had a chance to see them up close at a meet and greet.

As you can see this is quite a while ago. I was still blond and in top shape! So when I saw them yesterday at the Arena in Vienna I was super excited. And Glen Hansard came with his band! (I always liked the bassist Joe Doyle best, OMG so handsome!). The music and the entertainment factor yesterday were just perfect. They played until a quarter to midnight and people would have stayed a lot longer if possible. What I enjoyed the most though and made me very happy for Glen Hansard and the band is that apparently they are starting to get the recognition they deserve. The Arena is not a big venue, but I think there were at least a couple hundred people at the concert. And compared to my first concert with around 30 people this is quite a success. Thanks for a great evening yesterday and wonderful music overall. And special thanks for the Frames songs in the end! Until later, Pollybert xoxo

Love this song, enjoy:


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