My day in Fes

I spent yesterday walking around the Medina with my female guide Karima. Very nice to walk around with a woman, also her German was excellent. She told me little stories about the Medina and the life of women in it. Loved it and had a feeling of the stories of 1001 night, am glad nonetheless to live in Austria.
Had a very late lunch/early dinner with Hamid and his friend from the Riad Dar Cordoba.

20121124-090220.jpgI found the little sweet cookie interesting to be served with the soup. I saved it for after though.
We also got some beers at the supermarket and I finally enjoyed on on the roof terasse of the Riad last night.

20121124-090416.jpgHere are some impressions from Fes.





20121124-090640.jpgAm now waiting for Hamid to pick me up to go to Chefchaouen. We made a change of plans! Big advantage of traveling alone, we do what I want!




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