On the way to the desert

We left Chefchaouen at 9am yesterday and I was happy to be in the road again. The landscape here is constantly changing so I love just looking out the window.
We made it to Fes for lunch, but stopped a bit after it for Tajine next to the road.





20121126-090655.jpgOn the way to the hotel in Midelt we stopped a couple of times. Once to feed some monkeys next to the road. I bought some peanuts and the monkeys were taking them out if my hand. I had to be a bit careful cause they were quite cheeky, trying to take the whole bag out of my hand.
We also stopped once for Hamid to retrieve some kind of a bucket from next to road. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do with it, but later learned that this was a natural fridge.


20121128-183830.jpgI enjoyed an ice cold beer just shortly before checking in at Hotel Taddart. The hotel is so-so, but they serve beer which I found quite amazing. Otherwise not a really great place. Also dinner/breakfast was awful there. Until soon, Pollybert


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