I arrived 2 days ago in Essaouira and already feel like a local. The Medina is quite a small contained place so that one cannot really get lost. It is walled in on all sides except for the opening to the port.

20121202-094238.jpgOn my arrival here it started to rain, first time I have seen it in Morocco. I have been very lucky so far. On my first day I just took a little tour around the port and my hotel and basically left it at that.
The next morning started with more rain in between bursts of sunshine. So I tried my best to use the sunny times to see more from this beautiful place.




20121202-094606.jpgI also did quite a bit of shopping here. Finally had the time and leisure to bargain a lot. Have also been called a Berber quite often (a compliment for me, meaning I drive a hard bargain).
I also went to a spa, but was not in mood for a Hamam. Just needed a bit of pampering and enjoyed a manicure and pedicure.
I asked as well for my eyebrows to be brought in shape. And this was quite a surprise when she first plucked a bit with the tweezers and then used scissors. I freaked out and asked her what she was doing???
She brought me mirror and showed me. It looks very neat and I like them a lot better. Apparently they comb the eyebrows up and cut and then down and cut. Whatever she did, I looks very good and opens my eyes a lot more. They really know what they are doing.
In the afternoon I met Hamid and we drove to the beach. He got some beers and we enjoyed an excellent view.
I am still enjoying the last hour here in Essaouira in my hotel Maison du Sud. We are leaving for Marrakech later, my last stop on this trip.
Yours, Pollybert




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