4 more days

Almost on my way to Brazil. Still can’t believe it is happening although everything is organized (as far as possible from here). Just some last-minute shopping still necessary and I can basically be on my way!

I have been quite busy the last couple of days to get my Kindle ready for travelling, also updated my music and finished the Trylle trilogy. “Torn” was the last book from Amanda Hocking in the trilogy and I enjoyed it. Overall the trilogy was a waste of time though. But since I already had it at home, I am glad it got better with the second and third book. Also read “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. Really well written, good story and believable characters. Makes a fast read. Am now reading “The holiday” by Jane Green, a chick lit with three stories. I figured I will not have enough time to finish a book until I leave on Saturday morning, but a short story shouldn’t be a problem.

On the guy front no update really, but got a text from Mr.Telephone on Sunday. Quite the blabla stuff, still I am a friendly person. I answered and then deleted all texts from him. No point in wasting my time. Have a date on Wednesday after my Pilates class, the last one before leaving. And yesterday got a mail from a guy via an online dating platform whom I already met in October through a friend. Quite funny cause we even have a picture together which I forwarded to him. He wants to take me out for dinner. Told him he can do this when I am back from Brazil. Also got a text this morning from the guy with no chemistry. He just came back from 2 weeks in Thailand. Very nice, still not my type (and a former alcoholic).

Here is something funny. My friends and I have been talking a lot about these guys who just disappear on us. And you know what? There is actually a name for it. It is called “ghosting” (the article is in German). Apparently this is happening to others as well. Which makes me feel good on the one hand, but on the other…
What does it mean? Do I have to put up with this kind of act more often now?

I also have some medical issues to deal with. Last Tuesday I burned my arm with hot water. Looked quite nasty, actually still does.
So now it doesn’t matter anymore if I am in bikini shape or not. I have to use a super high sunscreen on my arm. Will be the girl with the white arm, so nobody will notice the cellulite. I am not sure what is worse…

At least this summer I will be in perfect shape. Have decided to take part in the Vienna Triathlon, will do the sprint distance. One has to start small. Maybe there is still an “Ironman” in my future? Haha, just kidding….

So guys, this is it for now. Next time you read from me, I will be in Rio.
Yours, Pollybert


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