Finally spring

Spring has finally arrived in the city. Actually already last weekend while I was in Moscow, but now everything is bursting into bloom.


I have also noticed that while spring has arrived I am not ready at all for the start of the bikini season. So much better that I signed up for a sprint triathlon on June 16. Which leaves me about 6 weeks to get ready.
I have started already with swimming, ok I went twice so far in the last three weeks. Maybe need to put more effort into it?
Also started to go running again last week, went Thursday evening and this morning. Running on the weekend is a great way to relax, I just need to convince myself of it. So far I ran only short distances, but it is a start. In the end I need to get better though.


As you can see this morning I went a bit further.
So far everything is exhausting and I have not been on a bike except at the gym. And there I prefer the one with a back cause it lets me read more comfortable. Maybe not the right frame of mind to see this sprint triathlon through but…still six weeks to go. Will keep you posted about my progress.
Yours, Pollybert


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