A slow start, but a start nonetheless

Since coming back from Moscow I have started with the training for the sprint triathlon in earnest. The exhaustion I felt when we were fast-walking to catch the train really got me thinking. Now I am trying to do something three to four times a week.
I already posted my first two running experiences, in the meantime I went another three times. Last Saturday I passed the 5km mark and when I cam home I was so exhausted that I needed almost one litre of water to get going again. What was also interesting that my time got worse the longer the distance.

20130501-122434.jpgThis was last Tuesday

20130501-122628.jpgand this was Saturday.

As you can see my km time got worse. So today I tried again and wanted to do at least 5km again. Then when I passed the mark from Saturday decided I would go a bit further and make a round. On the way back I noticed that the balls of m feet felt almost swollen and I had to walk for one minute, started again and then walked one more minute. This is the result.

Isn’t it amazing? Even though I walked for two minutes all in all, my time is way better and I also ran more than 5km. Plus I am only at my second glass of water and less exhausted than on Saturday although today was warmer. I don’t really understand how this working, but maybe my training starts to pay off a bit.
I went swimming yesterday with one of my friend’s. I was the one telling her that she should go, that it would be good for her and that I will join her since I need to swim at the sprint triathlon as well. But every time we go now, I am not in the mood at all and she is the one who is insisting that we go. Yesterday was the third time, I did 40 laps à 25m in 40 minutes without taking a break. This is not a great time but it is a start since I am still swimming breaststroke. I know that I have to do it in freestyle otherwise I will be the last out of the water. Anyway, I will get there. At the moment I am glad that there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Also went to the gym last week to go cycling. Of course I went on the bike with the back first since it is very comfortable to read on it. But after 30 minutes switched to the real deal and did another 15 minutes. I know it is not comparable with cycling outside, but as I said I am only starting. Still have 6 weeks to go!
Yours, Pollybert


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