Heat wave or missing bike

After all the rain, floods and bad weather we are now suffering from sweltering heat in Vienna. What’s the matter with the weather?

I wish I could use the weather as an excuse for not participating in the sprint triathlon, but I have to be honest with myself (and you). I trained for it (maybe not enough) but the hoped for weight loss effect never materialized. I had bought my tri suit last year (I already supported a sprint triathlon event with my registration fee once before) on eBay. Hating to spend a fortune for sports equipment not knowing if I will ever use it again, I was looking for a bargain. I was exited when I saw a tri suit for a steal, the downside being the size though. The suit was in XS. Now, last year I was not so far away from maybe loosing a bit of weight to fit in it, but this year I grew (literally) further away from the suit. So when I tried it on, it got stuck at my knees. I was astonished to notice that it didn’t budge, there seemed to be no spandex inside. What a disappointment, I had to cancel my appearance at this sports event(I also had no bike and helmet at that time. The suit was only one of my problems).
Still I am tempted to try again next year, I even went to the gym on Tuesday bicycling for almost an hour. Let’s see how this goes in the next couple of months, will keep you posted about any progress I might make.

On this Tuesday after the gym session I went to Mochi again. Was invited there for my birthday just a couple of weeks ago and noticed then that it is place I have to frequent more often. The food was amazing, well seasoned and fresh. And service was excellent! We were only leaving because the mosquitos were eating us alive!

I finished “Winter of the World” Ken Follet and the so-so impression I already had of his latest work just intensified. What a shame that he doesn’t write better anymore. One gets the impression he is paid by word count. On the other hand I finished it and will probably read the last installment in the series as well, just to know what’s happening with the characters. Not that I have grown fond of them, for that Follet doesn’t draw them too well, but I kind of got used to them being in my life the last 20 days.
I started something different yesterday and am now reading “The fault in our stars” by John Green. Not an easy subject, but he writes in such an easy way. I love reading his books, mostly devouring them in one go.

Tonight is my book club meeting where we will discuss “The Bell jar” by Sylvia Plath. I read it also in one sitting. It still lingers in the back of my mind. I quite liked the 60s atmosphere. The subject of depression and suicidal thoughts/attempts was not as heavy as I feared. What I like most about the club is that I read books that I usually won’t. It just broadens my spectrum of literature. What I dislike the most is a member who sees the club more as dinner entertainment, hasn’t read a book for the club in months, usually just watches a film when available and on the whole treats it all as a joke. How do you deal with this?

My next vacation is just around the corner, I will be leaving on Sunday morning for Rhodes, Greece. Still have not decided on my final book list for the trip, I find it is the best part of packing. I will bring probably “Furious Love”, the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, one more paperback and the e-reader for the rest. Can’t wait to be in the shade, read a book and when I get too hot go for a swim in the sea. Next post will be from the sea!
Yours, Pollybert

PS: Just so that you get an idea what kind of weather we will have in Greece



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