Happiness on horseback?

This post should have been published before the last one, but I couldn’t wait to post my critique of the Rihanna concert. I spent last weekend largely with my friend Cat and her best friends, the horses. She is an avid rider while I can only get lukewarm feelings for the beasts at best.
We spent the morning at the riding stable where she keeps her horse. While she used her morning pursuing happiness in form of riding, I spent mine sitting on a terrace drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. On my way from the car to my waiting place, I passed a couple of stables and from one box a horse looked out of a window. I dared myself to touch it and since it didn’t snort, I kept on petting it. I was very much impressed by my daring behaviour.
So when we walked back after lunch to my friend’s car, we did a little detour by her horse’s box. There I met Roxy (once again) but this time I also petted her. She was a bit skittish (maybe because she felt my nervousness), however I didn’t have the feeling that she would eat my fingers with the carrot I was giving her. Maybe horses grow considerate with age? Anyway, here is Roxy. 20130710-134256.jpg Did you notice how her head is trying to come out of the little window. Maybe she was craving my touch? Haha, I think she was hoping for more carrots!

We spent the afternoon watching a live show jumping competition, so horses all around. I don’t want to tell you anything about the rules, the competition itself, or the results, but I have some beautiful pictures from the event. Sorry that there is always the fence in the middle, I was too lazy to get up (maybe also too afraid to get closer). 20130710-160747.jpg20130710-160808.jpg
Here you can see a horse shying in front of the oxer. 20130710-161058.jpg
I found the atmosphere at this event very interesting and very relaxed. Just sitting at the Lake Arena and breathing in the horsy atmosphere was worth the trip (more details and way better pictures from the trip are here).

Since the fresh air 20130710-163646.jpg was making us hungry, we decided on ending our evening at the Schweizerhaus. It has unquestionably the best beer in town and is famous for its pork knuckles! 20130710-164140.jpg20130710-164158.jpg20130710-164211.jpg
We saw a ‘rabbit’ 20130710-164258.jpg on the table next to us and a well known person showing quite a bit of interest in the ‘rabbit’. 20130710-164440.jpg(take a closer look at the person on the right)

Sunday morning saw me running again, thanks to Cat. I think I haven’t been since Tuscany and that was at the end of May. In the knowledge that we had to burn last night’s dinner we made some effort 20130710-165123.jpg and then later rewarded ourselves with a day at the ‘beach’ (Danube back water).


And that was it for a glorious weekend, full of surprises and special moments.
Yours, Pollybert

PS: I went running again on Monday, this time with my friend Synne and the Frauenlauftreff. Time wise the same as the day before, less distance though but way more intense. We had to run backwards, sideways and do some sprints in between.



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