Is it all about the meat, baby?

On Thursday I had to leave the office early for a dentist appointment. Although my dentist is my brother, it still freaks me out when I know a procedure is looming ahead. Luckily it turned out to be something quite small and was over in no time. Since I wasn’t returning to the office, what was I to do with a free afternoon?
I called my friend Cheps from deli bluem and joined her for ice cream not far from downtown. After cooling down for a bit and talking intensely about ‘Furious Love’ we headed for drinks into the city.
We decided on Freyung 4, a ‘newish’ place and had excellent Campari spritzer!


Since ice cream is not the ideal base for spritzers, we later ordered some kind of bruschetta with avocado and tomatoes to go with the drinks. Really tasty while the side order of olives was disappointing.

Around 9:30 we changed venue and walked to a place on the channel called It’s all about the meat Baby. I had heard about the place just a week before and was told that it was the best burger place in town. And just the day before I had gotten a newsletter from ‘Daily Secret’ which talked about the veggie burger at this place. So off we went and ordered one together, my friend foregoing her strictly vegan diet for a culinary adventure. A large brioche bun filled with a sweet potato and zucchini patty, roasted red pepper, marinara sauce and goat cheese. We shared it with a kraut slaw on the side. Pure bliss!

Definitely have to go there again and try one of their meat burgers.
Yours, Pollybert


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