Shakespeare in the park

Shakespeare in the park is literally quite everywhere in the world. For the first time this year it also came to Vienna and I enjoyed my Shakespeare in the park of Schloss Poetzleinsdorf yesterday.


We started the evening with Pimms (it can’t get more English than this) and then later enjoyed ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in a delightful and entertaining production. It might well be that I enjoyed it the most of my companions.

Cat was following the performance on my kindle and grew irritated when the actors didn’t keep to the text. Not so much when something was left out, more so when something was added. While Sylvia used Google in its most annoying way, to collect useless knowledge (knowledge is never useless, I agree. But sometimes it’s pointless). Her telling us about it later in the car, reminded me of the excellent book Schott’s Original Miscellany I read years ago. Maybe Schott and Sylvia should meet?

I spent a pleasant night in the park, thoroughly enjoying myself and letting Shakespeare’s words wash over me. I believe it is the first time that I have seen a Shakespeare production in its original version. I especially liked the Oberon/Theseus actor Alan Burgon who has a lovely accent. I always had a thing for Scots. Overall the language of Shakespeare is just so beautiful, one can only lean back and only enjoy. Yours, Pollybert

PS: The weather has definitely changed now. I needed a blanket in the park to stay warm.


5 thoughts on “Shakespeare in the park

  1. Unfortunately Ben Schott is already married – I just checked ;-) would have been a good match – just one year younger… However his wife runs a website for people who travel the world: – so you see, Pollybert, there is no pointless knowledge whatsoever!!


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