Sunday was a lazy day. I went for my by now usual morning run, still only one round. When I was back home I noticed that ‘Runtastic‘ has measured the same round differently for all three days on which I used the app. Quite astonishing that the distance runs between 3,5 and 4,1km. Always the same track though…

For lunch we went to a nearby restaurant. The Forellenhof (trout farm) specializes in trout dishes, which are all excellent. Maybe because one can see them swimming around before eating them?

After an afternoon nap we drove to Gmunden for my promised ice cream (for the lawn mowing).

20130819-131356.jpg Here you can see the original coat of arms on the building over the Traun bridge.



Here you can see the beautiful Schloss Ort at the Traunsee.

After all the hard work I had the day before, the big cup of ice cream was very welcome.

While eating ice cream and reading all kinds of magazines we watched the antics of a local swan


20130819-132425.jpg and a sparrow.


We enjoyed a stroll through the city on the way to the car park.





In the meantime I finished ‘Polyanna’ by Eleanor Hodgman and noticed that I haven’t been glad enough for all the good friends and things in my life! This book made me realize how happy I am to live such a perfectly beautiful life.

I also finished the play ‘Betrayal’ by Harold Pinter and started with ‘Angels’ by Marian Keyes. I have a feeling that I have read it before but I am by now well into the book already and still not sure. Also it is such an entertaining read.

I am quite sad to leave Upper Austria today, on the other hand I have HIIT to look forward to tomorrow.
Yours, Pollybert


One thought on “Gmunden

  1. hab mir grad Polyanna gratis von Amazon runter geladen … ganz allein ;-) hat super geklappt ! Wird nach “Er ist wieder da” und “Betrogen” dann das nächste Buch … Gute Heimreise, Bussi


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