The beach again

Lovely lazy day. I had a very long and relaxing breakfast again. Worked on my blog the whole morning and then later on went to the beach to join Annemarie. This is the view I have once I leave the hotel for the beach.

20130910-232439.jpgCould be worse, no?

So far every time we went to the beach we used the roped of area from the hotel. But you know what I find super annoying? This is a 5* place and you still have to pay extra for the chairs on the beach (after using the 2 vouchers we got). Yes, you read correctly. The hotel has 3 pools, all of them equipped with sun beds and chairs and whatever you wish for. And then it has a beach club for which you have to pay an entrance fee in a staggering amount if you want to use it. At the beach club you find another pool right next to the beach, an indoor pool, a spa area, the roped of area outside, a restaurant and so on. It is all quite lovely. But I don’t get that it is not included for hotel guests.


Anyway, we camped down at the hotel beach place again (you pay a lot less if you just stay on the beach) and relaxed. I didn’t even make it to a bar today, it was so good to not move at all from the chair and soak up the sun. In the end we had to get up and go back for dinner.


But before, I had a little me-time on our balcony.

20130910-234622.jpgWhile drinking my beer I enjoyed once again the view we have from our room.



At dinner we shared our usual bottle of rosé,


20130910-235214.jpgwent back too often to the buffet and shared some deserts. This is the way a vacation should be, very lazy and relaxing.
Yours, Pollybert


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