‘Dancing’ in the rain

Ok, so maybe dancing is a bit much. But raining it is. Every day since I came back from Spain. Fall is definitely here. Leaves are falling, it’s darker and colder and almost no ray of sunshine in sight. How will I make it through the dark months?


Probably more sport is a good idea. I am trying to implement this in my life. As I have written I went running on the day I came back, then made it to my HIIT class on Tuesday, gym on Wednesday and Pilates class on Friday. Quite a busy week sports wise. If I can keep that up I needn’t worry about any weight gain during winter time. Point is I still worry about the weight gain during summer time. Keeping the weight is therefore not an option, loosing it is still very much the plan.

Also this week I started and finished reading ‘Don’t want to miss a Thing’ by Sophie Kinsella. I was surprised how much I liked it since the last couple of books from the Shopaholic series were repetitive and boring. This one felt fresh and the heroine was not an airhead (although maybe just a bit) but rather likable.

I seem to be on a chick lit high at the moment, how good therefore that I am also reading something ‘serious’ like Douglas Adams’ ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’. Just heard at breakfast though that book #3 is a bit boring. Really hope I will find it as entertaining as the other two otherwise might have a problem to get to book #4.

Most surprising revelation this week was the book club, we went to the restaurant ‘Mittendrin’ (I wrote about it here). As mentioned on this site we were reading ‘Betrayal’ by Harold Pinter which was rather baa. This picture says it all about what we felt about the book at first.

20130921-124647.jpg All the more surprising was the discussion we had. While reading the book I didn’t find there was enough ‘meat’ for a book club to go on about. But there actually is betrayal in every imaginable form in this book. Made for an entertaining evening. Everyone was then wide awake and participating in the discussion.


And all the best to Evi! Theresa is coming on Tuesday.
Yours, Pollybert



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