A foodie’s dream?

Saturday morning saw me experiencing a new kind of brunch. My friend from deli bluem invited me to join her at a special event at the Biowerkstatt.

20131007-230150.jpgOur lovely hostess Michaela Russmann.

Now I love food like the next one and I am also open when it comes to experiencing new flavors. And this was definitely a different kind of experience.

As an animal lover in the sense that I enjoy my bacon for breakfast with good conscience, I have to say I was impressed with the amount of work that went into creating this buffet. All these different kind of dishes, all done from vegetables and not much else. No cooking, no dairy, sounds difficult to me!

They way each dish was presented was inspiring. Everything had a name tag, starters, soup and salad next to each other, then the main dishes plus the boiled potatoes and then the deserts.


20131007-231154.jpg and some deserts20131007-231255.jpg20131007-231305.jpg

I am not sure if there are pictures from all the dishes I liked, but I will talk about them nonetheless. I especially liked the Thai Chinese cabbage salad, and some kind of squash noodles. Also all the sauces that went with the potatoes were super delicious. The deserts were more of a let-down. All the crumbles missed the baked flavor for me, but I was positively surprised by the texture and the taste of the brownies and as well of the chocolate banana pudding.

I liked it so much that I even agreed on taking a vegan cooking class with my friend from deli bluem and the other girls from our table. Will let you know how that went in time.
Yours, Pollybert



2 thoughts on “A foodie’s dream?

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