Hands off from Infurn

This post shall serve as a warning to everyone who wants order at Infurn. I have already written about the company here but at that time I was not aware that there would be more surprises in store for me.

Long story short: I ordered on January 4th an Eames chair replica with an ottoman, was ‘told’ (ok, so I read it on their website) that the delivery time is somewhere around 12 weeks (let’s be generous here). We have now October 7th, I received the ottoman on August 28th (yeah, way to go!!) and was then told after my inquiry about the actual chair that it would be delivered around September 27th. When I checked my order last week (there is no communication between this company and their customers. Every information needs to be looked up on their website, no information is given by mail) I found out that the chair has already been delivered to me on the same days as the ottoman which was according to their record August 31st. Which was a Saturday by-the-way and nobody delivered anything on this day to me.

Upon inquiring quite urgently now with the customer service this was their only reply:Infurn1

Great, no? I sent about 6 messages so far, plus I called their service hotline and was told in Spanish that I cannot leave message! I already paid for everything on January 4th and all I have to show for it is the ottoman with a crease. For me it is too late, I have an appointment with the consumer protection service on Wednesday, but my post might help you! Don’t shop at Infurn!

7 thoughts on “Hands off from Infurn

  1. after your first story I tried to cancel their newsletter – but the link just connects me to nowhere! I wrote them an email and got the same message as you did…
    however – I have to say, I have quite good experiences with Westwing and Monoqi – so they are not all together that bad…


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