A weekend in pictures

Although fall is here there are still roses growing on my balcony. Which I love! I got them for my birthday and even though I thought I had killed the plant while repotting, they pulled through and thrive! Some others are also still blooming and brightening any grey morning.


But the weekend was gorgeous, no reason to complain. I used my time wisely and went for a run in the afternoon to enjoy the sun.


Sunday was also the last day to see the World Press Photo exhibition here in Vienna. Seems that I always do these exhibitions on the last day. Nevermind, I made it there and met two friends. Quite a coincidence, but was lovely seeing others also interested in some culture. We agreed on telling each other if we had any plans on doing culture on the weekends. Will be fun having company on these outings.

That was also the most fun I had at the exhibition which was dreadful. Most of the award pictures were from war zones either Syria, Sudan or Gaza, or just other depressing daily life situations. Only the pictures of the Emperor penguins lightened up my mood. I left feeling grateful to live here in Austria. During the election campaign we heard a lot that our country is going to the dogs, but seeing the pictures was a rebuttal of these words. We live in paradise here. Maybe we should start appreciating more what we have.
Yours, Pollybert

4 thoughts on “A weekend in pictures

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