In sickness and in health

I am feeling quite miserably right now but I am still in my way to HIIT. Since you, my esteemed followers, are following me no matter what (at least I hope so) I want to air my grievances a bit. I just hate it when I catch a cold and there is nothing I can do to make me feel better. Basically I have to wait it out. And it is not even so bad that I could stay home. My inbuilt sense of loyalty to my employer forbids me to stay home unless I am on the brink of death (haha, just kidding…but it has to be pretty serious). Anyway last week I couldn’t make it to HIIT because I had to work longer and now I am afraid that I will feel the one week break tomorrow.

Besides the unfortunate incident with the longer working hours on Tuesday, last week had turned out really interesting. I finally made it to Le Loft which is supposed to be the bar with the best view in Vienna. The place itself is divided in restaurant and bar with the bar being raised in the middle of the room to give everyone the best possible view. And the view is stunning. Also Vienna by night is definitely a sight to behold. We stayed at the bar and got a table there. Not a small feat since the tables were all reserved for hotel guests and if you don’t pass the face check with the staff you can rot at the bar standing all night long (seen that happening). Drinks were good, the club sandwich as well (although at this price the accompanying fries could have been crispy) and service was ok. The bar is definitely not a place to meet people, rather quiet and subdued or full of loud and boisterous business men waiting for their table and meanwhile invading your personal space. If you want to have fun and party a bit, go somewhere else. In the end I was happy I got invited because would I go there myself and pay for a drink? Probably not. Now I can say: Been there, done that! Another check mark on my list of places to see in Vienna.


In sporty news I went running twice since my last post. I am still set on my mission to achieve a better time at my next race. And we are getting there. This week we were the first time under 7min/km. Which is good considering we started around 7:30m/km together. Alone I am always a bit faster but even there I am still far away from my goal which is around 5:30m/km. One has to aim high to challenge oneself!

Since I am sure you all want to know how I feel after my HIIT class: I feel wonderful! I am really glad I am going there, always a challenge but the moment class is over I am so proud of myself! Well done! But I still have a cold…
Yours, Pollybert


5 thoughts on “In sickness and in health

  1. just for your Information: i lost my “Sie+Er-Lauf” – Partner today … he is not allowed to do any sports for 12 weeks … but: i keep on running ;-). Same Goal: 05.30 on 10 km …(i can do it on 4 or 5 km … but after that I am near to faint …)


  2. have you tried any homeopathic remedies? I find them amazing… also pho soup (remember that from your time in Mtl… referred to here as Tonkinoise, of course!) and ginger tea (hot water with fresh ginger, lemon and honey). feel better and keep on running (and writing)!


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