Breakfast at Figar

Last weekend I had time for breakfast and K and I agreed on a much talked about new place. I first read about the Figar at the website of the breakfastgirls here (available only in German) and the critic was so promising that I wanted to try it right away.

Since K was game we met there at 11am. Without success I had tried the day before to make a reservation by phone (nobody answered) and later by text (no answer either). So when I arrived half an hour too early and got the place in front of the window I was more than happy. While waiting for my friend I had to defend the seat next to me about three times. Quite the popular place! Later on David Figar himself asked me if I could change place to make room for a couple with a buggy. No problem since he had still space for two in the back near the open kitchen.

Although the place is not really large it has an airy feeling to it.20131110-184713.jpg20131113-094118.jpg

The breakfast menu includes the usual fare of rolls, ham, cheese, eggs and so on but also offers some different choices like toasted bread (from Joseph) topped with blanched spinach, roasted tomatoes and avocado! Super yummy!20131113-100416.jpg


We later shared a plate of tart varieties (poppy seed, apple and chocolate) plus a piece of brownie. All desserts are home made at the moment by Mummy Figar who seemed to me the heart and soul of the place. Bustling around, placing guests, cleaning tables, serving cakes and always having a nice word for everyone. Plus the tarts are excellent, can’t give a higher compliment to them. Also I have no picture of the dessert and as a regular here you will know what that means. It looked just too yummy not to dig in right away and it tasted even better than we expected!

The Figar is a lovely place with an extremely relaxed atmosphere and excellent breakfast and snacks. I am not sure now if it also offers more substantial food and I am also too lazy to look it up now. But you know what? You should just go and check it out for yourselves!

Yours, Pollybert

PS: Prices for everything on the menu are super reasonable and will probably not last. The used products and ingredients are all outstanding and I am not sure how David Figar can turn a profit like this. Later on he confirmed that he will have to go up a bit on some items.

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