Blurred lines – the sporty girl

It’s almost Christmas and the perfect season to stay on the couch, enjoy some mulled wine and Christmas cookies. Which is what I am not trying to do this year. I know I haven’t updated you on my sport ambitions in a long time but they are still there.

I have run at least once a week either alone or with my friends since summer. We also signed up to the New Year’s Eve run run to give us some extra motivation! I am not sure our speed is getting any better but the length of the course should not prove to be an obstacle anymore.



Also HIIT is still a big hit with me. The last month I have tried to go twice a week. Every Sunday and Tuesday. I cannot always make it but I am not giving up the fight against the cookies. Going to my HIIT class always costs me a lot of effort. Every time we start the warm up I think to myself “What am I doing here?”. But then after class I am super happy I went. I feel great after sweating for an hour and testing my limits.

As Robin Thicke sings so nicely: ‘I know you want it‘ even though he means something completely different. Yours, Pollybert


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