The merry season in Vienna Part II

On the second Saturday in December I attended a charity event. Ha, doesn’t that sound philanthropic? Christmas 4 Friends is a party were half of the ticket proceeds are going to a charity. Nothing makes you feel better than partying for a good reason!

Since partying was the theme Cat and I started our evening already in the afternoon at Sylvia’s place to pay a visit to her new house guest.
Momo is a black cat and wild like the devil. His favorite past-time that afternoon appeared to be jumping on the window sill, sliding into the thereupon nativity set and pouncing on the wooden animals. Very funny to watch. While doing so we enjoyed some sparkling rosé.

Then around 7pm I had to be at home to greet my guests. Since my apartment was right next door to the venue of the Christmas party I invited my friends to come over for a drink before. I have a feeling the most of them enjoyed it because I had to kick them out at 9pm to finally make it to the party. The party is a bit shrouded in a blurry haze but I know I had a lot of fun when I watch these pictures (all party pictures thanks to Moritz Reitmeier)






20131224-141340.jpg 20131224-141354.jpg





As you can see there was a lot of hugging involved but Christmas is the season of love.

Just a couple of days later the book club met for mulled wine. So far we kept the book club strictly in its boundaries, but after our visit to the theater together there was no stopping us. After one mulled wine we were cold and decided to rather go somewhere warm for cold wine instead. The Kameel is always a sound choice for good wine and some snacks. And as you can see here we had another fun night and mixed the book club with old and new friends.


More fun to come! Yours, Pollybert


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