Happy New Year

I started the last day of 2013 with the Silvesterlauf (sorry, only available in German), a fun run of 5km around the ‘Ringstrasse ‘. Lots of people dress up and there is always a prize for the best costume. My wish was to finish the year with a good run and maybe make it in a good time…


20140101-084849.jpgThe emperor by the way was the winner of the costume challenge.

And you know what? I did it!! I stayed under 6min/km. Am totally proud of myself, yeah!!!


The perfect way to end the old year and start with ambition into the new one. Now that I made it under 6min/km I want to reach 5:30. I will keep you posted on my progress.

‘Happy New Year’ to all of you! Yours, Pollybert


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

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