Starting out lazy

The new year is already a couple of weeks old and I haven’t really written anything. So what can I saw except that I am a lazy cow? Sorry!

001 I have been only lazy on the writing front though, having continued with going to HIIT classes twice a week and running every week. This week we finally cracked the 8k mark. Our goal is a 10k run in April. Let’s see if we can get there and if we achieve it in a reasonable time. No point in running a 10k race when it takes me more than 1:10h (a long, long time ago I did a half-marathon in 2:06h). As you can see we were slow but at least it’s a start. During a race I am usually faster anyway what with all the adrenalin. But I really wish my training runs could be a bit faster as well. I know we have to insert sprints again to get the time going, so far I just feel lucky that I even finish. Anyway, this is only the beginning. I don’t want to be too tough on myself, we still have a couple of weeks until the race.

The first vacation of the year is looming ahead. I am leaving on Friday to go skiing for a couple of days. I am not so sure about the weather though and if it’s not really sunny and nice I might just spend my days at a spa. Also with the unseasonal warm weather in Austria there is only a thin layer of snow and the rest on top is all artificial. But no matter what, I am leaving Vienna and only come back on Monday night. Isn’t that a great way to start the new year?

As a New Year’s resolution I decided this year to forgo one. I have been really good lately sportswise and otherwise. At least I like to think so. Therefore I have earned myself a year just going on as before. I love my life so why should I change anything about it? What do you think?
Yours, Pollybert


2 thoughts on “Starting out lazy

  1. A pace of 6:50 is ok for the start, really. You just have to get closer to 6:00 for you 10K goal and you will be fine, especially when you achieved such a nice race time for a half marathon once!


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