Writer’s block or hibernation

Since coming back from Brazil last year I have tried to write a post every couple of days. I figured that once I have a steady readership they would want to read something new on a regular basis otherwise they would turn away and get their story fix somewhere else.

But it turns out it is not so easy for me to write about “nothing”. Sometimes there is just not much happening in my life. And I don’t want to bore people with my amazing running feats or other sportive achievements (I am listening when you tell me something).

So what is there to write about when life is good to me but maybe not interesting enough for you? I write still about me because this is what the blog is about.

So on this glorious sunny Saturday afternoon I am sitting outside next to the channel, basking in the sun while reading a book and getting my coffee fix. Life has never been better.


And by the way spring is here!
Yours, Pollybert



6 thoughts on “Writer’s block or hibernation

  1. Perhaps you could write about things going on in your mind in general and not just in your physical life? This would be independent of “big events”… the world is full of topics ;-)


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