Bar visit

Just thinking about last night still gives me a slight headache. My fasting days are definitely over since my vacation, but still… I didn’t think I would be back to my old tricks quite so soon. I met with the girls at the Hotel Imperial to check out there newly opened bar 1873 HalleNsalon.

The bar is beautiful to look at, super stylish in a very old-fashioned way and very opulent in its decor. It was also very empty! Besides us there was one hotel guest for the first hour and during our 4 1/2 hour stay there might have been six other people or so. But whatever the place lacks in guests in makes up in service. Mr. Harald our personal waiter treated us like royalty, sadly this is nothing special. Apparently all his guests are accommodated in the exactly the same way. Which is of course great for everybody else. Anyway, he was so attentive and the company so agreeable that we stayed we way longer and shared a bit more bottles than planned.
Yours, Pollybert
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