The smell of spring

Saturday started with a grey morning and soft rain. While I rushed to get ready, I thought about what to wear as an outer jacket. Grey sky always means cold. Which turned out not to be true. With the two jackets (leather jacket, inner shell) I ended up walking out the door, I was definitely sweating. But what hit me more than the unexpected warmth was the fragrance in the air. Spring definitely has its own smell and from time to time when I passed some flowers on the way to my first coffee of the day I just stopped and smelled the air.001 005

Lilac especially has such a heady fragrance, I just love it. I had to stop on my way to and back for a little sniff. The rest of Saturday was spent mostly in bed, listening to the rain drops falling and enjoying my new book. It’s so frightening that I prefer to read it during the day. Hasn’t happened to me in a long, long time that I put a book away at night because I think I might not be able to sleep.  Also haven’t spent a whole day in bed just to loll about (except out of necessity on the day after…), what a great way to pass a day!

That evening I was invited for dinner and no one cooks better than Mr. Fritz. His lovely hostesses were more into the lounge concept while we other guests stayed at the table. As usual when the food is amazing I have no pictures, but you know that by now.006

The perfect Sunday was spent outdoors, the weather was amazingly warm and pleasant. After an interesting breakfast at Ulrich (again no pics which says it all) I spent exactly 20 minutes at home and then headed for the Burggarten. The time spent there was super entertaining (besides getting a bit of a tan). People watching is one of my favorite past-times (when I am not reading) and in this park you can find a good mix of all of Vienna. Bring you blanket, sit back and relax.
Yours, Pollybert


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