Running in the rain

The weather is killing me. The last 24 hours the rain is coming down incessantly and I was in no mood at all to go for a run. Which would be super necessary since the Frauenlauf is next Sunday.

After the successful run on New Year’s Eve where I stayed time wise under 6min/km I was super motivated to get my time further down to around 5:30. So when I ran the Spring Run at the beginning of May I was super disappointed that I only finished with a time of 6:02/km. Zeit_Prater

033It does look better though than what I timed on my phone.  So over the course of 7k, an increase of 2 k compared to the New Year’s run, I lost 5sec per km. That was not the plan at all! Basically what it comes back to is more training, more often interval runs to improve the time and more Training again. Which is what I wanted to do and now the rain is putting a damp stop to it. I hate running in this weather. It’s miserable and cold. So if there is a weather god somewhere, please make it stop! Need to get some training runs into my legs to have a powerful comeback next Sunday!


The Summerstage is open, so summer please come! Yours, Pollybert


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