The sweet side of Samos

Before you start thinking about the sweet wine here, I cannot tell you how it tastes. So far we tried only the local beer, rosé (which looked more like red and to which I was allergic) and dry white wine (which is excellent).

But let’s start from the beginning which was on Monday when Andrea and I boarded the flight to Samos. Quite a small plane, only two seats per side. We of course had both asked for aisle seats because no one wanted to sit in the middle. We arrived at a very small airport, were transferred in the private car of our agency lady and were on the beach by 4:30.192 194

Again we have a pebble beach, on the whole island are only two sand beaches and since we are not renting a car they could be on the moon for us. We will not see them.

Our hotel is called Niki and is located in Ireon. I know it is still low season but the entire tourist community in this village seems to consists of middle-aged or early retired people. And the village youth which is meeting at the Gyros place at night is under-age. We are looking at a really relaxing and quiet holiday ahead.

The first evening we went for dinner to the smallest and most authentic looking place we could find. We ended up in a tavern which served delicious food and the allergic making wine.209 210 211 214After that we only made it to a bar near our hotel and watched football. Something we plan on doing all week long. Yours, Pollybert


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