A bus ride to Manganari

For Sunday we decided on doing something completely different. After two days at the beach we needed a change, therefore we wanted to take the boat again to Manganari beach. The boat unfortunately had other plans so we had to switch to the bus. The change of scenery was necessary for all of us, beach fever is possible. On the way to Manganari we finally saw the windmills which grace this island.

Even though the bus ride was not to our taste, it brought us to this lovely, super sandy beach. Once we arrived we settled on sun chairs and did pretty much the same as on the other beach. Probably even less, traveling by bus was tiring after all. For lunch we went again to AntonIos, this time though I could take some pictures. The food by the way was excellent, we settled on the daily special and some salads.IMG_7639


Not everything on the menu was available which for me is a reason in its favor. The tourist season as you can see on the following picture was ending, so no need to have a full selection available.IMG_7644
The afternoon was spent in reclining position or swimming in turquoise water which gave us enough energy for the way back. The bus ride was long, making a detour via Mylopotas beach as well. After trying the boat and the bus, the boat is by far the preferable transportation mode to Manganari. The pictures from the bus look nice though.IMG_7647
We met at the bar that evening, not sure where to head for dinner. Dimitris, the owner’s son, recommended Koumpara and this is where we ended up. Besides being a stylish place while still comfortable, we met a real-life Adonis there. Sorry no picture of Adonis, he was for our eyes only!IMG_7655

Since Koumpara is directly next to the beach and was recommended for its seafood we tried some fried fish (great taste) and a typical fish soup (ok but bland) from the island and again some appetizers. I managed to take pictures of the stuffed zucchini flowers and the octopus salad. I know I had a field day with the food pics that Sunday. Yours, Pollybert



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