Lack of motivation

Since quite a while I lack the motivation to do any sports. Even though I wrote about running here we just made it outdoors once and that was that.
The Vienna Night Run came and went and I did not go. My running mate canceled due to back pain and I due to acute laziness. I am therefore on a mission to get back my motivation. How to go about that?

I wanted to start with a 10 day detox, also got canceled. Not due to motivation but due to a well-stocked fridge. Had to eat all the stuff first before it all goes bad. Have to keep with the saying ‘Waste not, want not”. Because who really wants to “want”?

So… great plans and nothing to show for it. And back to the question, how to go about it? Motivation is clearly not something found on the street but within me. I noticed that on Friday when I went to my Pilates class, not motivated but paid for. Which brings me to money: usually not a motivation factor. I don’t know how long I am already a supporting but not attending member of my gym I am. Since one hour Pilates exceeds the gym membership fee by 50%, money can be a motivation factor.

In case of Friday’s class a good trainer helps as well. Sara was pushing us so hard that we even stopped talking in between; we needed the time to catch our breath again. Which clearly shows I can be motivated with hard work and dedication. So I should start looking for that.
What I decided is that I will take it one day at the time. Of course I already thought about this on Saturday because that’s when I started to write this post. And also of course I haven’t made it outside to run, just to do other stuff. But this will be an extra post.
Anyway, I will go tonight! Promise to myself!
Yours, Pollybert


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