The weatherman at the market

Vienna is full of all kinds of markets and most of them not only sell produce but also have great restaurants in their vicinity, which use the available products to the best of their abilities. The restaurant we went to was on the Yppenplatz near the Brunnenmarkt which is apparently one of the largest permanent street-markets of Europe.

Most of the stall owners are of ethnic descent and in former years it was more an area for newly arrived Turkish or Balkan citizens. Nowadays though it has been gentrified and the Bohos are turning it into an upscale area. As was noticeable by the choice of restaurants in the area. One of these restaurants was our destination, the Restaurant Wetter (which means weather in German), an Italian place where the kitchen is manned by a Swiss guy.016001
The place is so authentic that the menu is only in Italian. You need a translation from your waiter before you can even start to think about what you want to order. Not thinking, I started my evening with a so called “Banana” wine which was actually made from apples and tasted very sour. After that little detour I stayed with the usual Austrian fares and enjoyed them immensely.

For our first course Evi and I shared a chicken liver paté which was excellent.004006008

Sylvia had the parsnip soup with ricotta as a starter and was not really happy about it.003005

The main course featured a stuffed veal roast with chick peas for Evi and me and artichokes for Sylvia. Both dishes were delightful although Sylvia finally gave in to her hunger and cut up the artichoke.


And then as crowning finish of this meal we had the panna cotta which was highly recommended on all online platforms. And of course it had to disappoint with such high expectations. The texture was perfect, creamy but not too soft, basically melting in your mouth. But it was served with a strawberry sauce which didn’t compliment the sweetness of the panna cotta with a tangy berry taste, no it was overly sweet and together they gave me a sugar high.IMG_8184















Still, I really enjoyed the place and can only recommend it even though it might be a bit off from your usual haunts.
Yours, Pollybert


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