Purge by Sofi Oksanen: The latest book for the book club. I am reading this one in German since it is a translation from Finnish anyway. It is not easy to read for me, the language is hard and angular. I imagine the life of these people to be the same, so maybe the language is used as a stylistic device. Now after finishing the book I am not so sure about anything anymore. The main character turned out to be something completely different and was either frustrated or crazy. Once I got used to the style the book reads itself fairly easy and the story is worth exploring.

The Death Cure by James Dashner: Book number three in the “Maze Runner” series and finally the end of it. Another YA book which is set in a dystopian world, so all the better that after three books there is hope on the horizon. Fast read but not much character development and some of them go through a whole range of emotions all in the span of two pages. Definitely a weird world.

I Am Half-Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley: Christmas at Buckshaw and a shaky truce between Flavia and her sisters. The merry season makes for a wonderful background as a film crew invades the colonel’s home. When the entire village population gets stuck there during a blizzard, it’s time for a murder. And eleven year old Flavia is ready to investigate again. Lovely read as usual!

All Souls’ Rising by Madison Smartt Bell: Very interesting topic about the slave rising in Haiti at the time of the French Revolution, but not an easy read at all. Quite a lot of characters and not one protagonist to root for. In the end it proved to be a fascinating read full of cruelty and prejudice, exactly like the world we live in today. Two more volumes wait for me about the rising and General Toussaint.

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