New challenges ahead

Since finishing the squat challenge I have seen no difference to my body. Which was honestly expected but I am disappointed nonetheless. So I have to work with this now.

Which of course I won’t do. There is no point in starting with a challenge again that is clearly not working. But I have started doing 100 squats per day. Best done in the morning which leaves the rest of the day for other sports activities. Like going to the gym again where being only a supporting and paying member was no longer an option. Or working on a new ab challenge (ok, I am a sucker for challenges and really like lists).

Ha, I can see your shocked faces. You are not believing what’s going on here. But you better do. I already started last week, doing lots of cardio at the gym (aka sitting on the bike with the back rest so I can read my book) and weights (aka triceps exercises because I hate my chicken wings). I still see no difference but am totally motivated. And isn’t that the best start for everything? As long as I work for my miracles, they will happen! Everybody says so!
Yours, Pollybert


PS: Aren’t these motivational messages motivating? Sometimes after reading a couple of them I am ready to start a new life!


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