Next to the Berlin Wall

From the Türkenmarkt we took the metro again (public transport is just plain amazing in Berlin) to see what was left of the Berlin Wall. We started at Bernauer Straße and slowly made our way down to the Berlin Wall Memorial.
When I read the personal stories which were put up at the Memorial, this history which had only just happened in view of the last 2000 years, I felt touched beyond anything I expected. I remember the fall of the Wall, thinking that I saw history in the making; but standing here at the memorial felt infinitely closer to the heart of the matter.IMG_9884IMG_9885IMG_9888IMG_9899IMG_9902IMG_9904IMG_9909IMG_9911IMG_9913

From there we walked just a bit further to experience the unique flair of Berlin Mitte (if you check out the link you’ll notice that 6 of the Top 10 attractions are in Berlin Mitte). We stopped at the Alpenstück Manufaktur for while to refresh ourselves and get some sustenance. It had been at least an hour since we last ate something.IMG_9918IMG_9919IMG_9920IMG_9921Oh, and the rhubarb juice was amazing!

There the girls also met a German actor, someone I would never have recognized in a million years. And the funny thing was that actually he was the one who talked to them. In the end they asked for a club recommendation for them and their ‘parents’ (can you believe that? me?) which turned out to be a bit on the boring side. Anyway, here is the guy.IMG_9971

We started walking again, past galleries and inner courtyards (always taking a peep inside) within the Scheunenviertel. IMG_9929IMG_9937IMG_9941IMG_9942IMG_9943IMG_9944IMG_9946

I especially liked this park that we passed. If you look at the sign you can see at the bottom that it was also a ‘Liegewiese’ (sunbathing lawn). Can you imagine?IMG_9955IMG_9957

But the infrastructure around the park (including the partying parents within) inspired us to make another pit stop.IMG_9958

We settled on an Italian place, the Al Contadino Mozarella Bar & Bottega, for another refreshment. IMG_9973 On hindsight I think we didn’t trust German wine that’s why intuitively we chose an Italian place. But lingering over the wine was not possible for us. For one it got cold when the sun was gone and secondly we had to change for the evening since we were going some place special.
Yours, Pollybert

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