After indulging for a weekend in Berlin in various ethnic cuisines there was no way I could go right back to Austrian staple food. Therefore last Tuesday Pat and I tried a new Georgian specialty restaurant called Marani.

The moment I entered a waiter came to meet me and led me to a table. Although the restaurant was empty except for two tables we were placed smack in the middle of these two, right next to a window. IMG_0131IMG_0132
Right away I noticed a problem, the restaurant was uncomfortable due to low temperatures; I had to put my coat back on because I was freezing. The radiator next to me appeared to be merely decorative since it was not heating. Nonetheless I decided to stay put because the critique I had read sounded promising.

And the Marani did not disappoint. We shared the starter choice which consisted of two different kinds of filled aubergine slices and 4 kinds of salads. Everything was delicious! Sorry for the poor quality of the photo and as usual we started to eat right away.IMG_0133 As a main course we had spicy beef and beef in walnut sauce with soft white bread. Also delectable!

After a while our young waiter took pity on us and beside placing candles all around us, he offered us a ‘Marani special’ on the house. This Georgian grappa warmed us from within and made up for the lack of warmth in the room, as did the service. Our waiter was attentive and efficient all through the evening. If you don’t care for the ambiance but prefer good food, then the Marani deserves your visit.
Yours, Pollybert

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