What I learned in China

Also already a standard feature as seen here and here. Here are the lessons I took away from China.

1. If there is a sign to ignore, the Chinese are all for it.

2. Buffet food is a feeding frenzy. Be in time or nothing is left.

3. Main course and desert can go on the same plate. I saw rice pudding put on salad, makes apparently no difference.

4. They are very friendly people and are trying to be helpful when asked. Sometimes when they talk to you they want to scam you, but as proven not always.

5. A little dictionary goes a long way. Still, learn how to say hello, thank you and beer in Chinese.

6. If you smile at their children the parents will be very friendly. Every child is a little prince or princess.

7. The Chinese metros are out of this world. In Chonqing the metro had pull down sun screens for the windows and in Shanghai I saw a metro that opened on both sides in a station. Furthermore they have at least 10 lines or more, taking you everywhere.

8. At all times (but mostly at dusk) you can suddenly come upon a group of people dancing or doing some dance routines. Either in parks or on some broad sidewalk.

10. Everyone carries brewed tea with him.

11. Young Chinese men are quite stylishly dressed. They are definitely not afraid to try a new combination.

12. The Chinese like to talk in very loud voices with each other, one can almost describe it as yelling.

13. Young women will always wear a panty hose or leggings even when it’s super hot. Babsi told me they don’t want to get any tan.

14. The Chinese boyfriend carries the handbag of his girlfriend. Even if he already carries their suitcase and her hands are empty.

15. When the weather is hot Chinese men tend to pull up their T-Shirts and caress their stomachs.

16. I have sent around 45 postcards from China, so about 4 rounds of cards. And each time my family got cards and my friends are put on rotation. I just heard from my brother that he got the first one from Shanghai (which was from the 3rd round). So let me know if you get one from any other place. I really wonder what happened to the rest of them.

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