Yes Please by Amy Poehler: Instead of one continuing story it is a series of short or longer chapters going back and forth in her life. There was only one laugh out loud moment (at least for me) but a lot of interesting comments. I liked how she talked about making and shaping her career and above all I loved that she came across as a real person with very ‘normal’ opinions on life. A quick and easy read and very entertaining if you are interested in SNL.

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan: The story of the man behind the myth as far as can be told after 2000 years. Really, really interesting especially for one who went to Catholic school. After reading this book it’s fair to say that the man Jesus has nothing to do with the figure of Jesus Christ and he wouldn’t have liked this new church neither. Thanks for the recommendation Cheps, it was very eye opening!

Just Kids by Patti Smith: The name Patti Smith was familiar to me but I didn’t really know what she did. And that is basically not a problem at all if you want to read her book. I really liked her story and how her artistry developed. Her relationship and then continuing friendship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is beautifully described and I like to think that I have some friendships with the same depth and support. Lovely and quick read (if you are interested here is a Zeit article for the publication of this book in German).

The Adults by Alison Espach: A coming of age story with an interesting twist. The main character gets seduced at age 15 by her teacher who is 9 years her senior which makes for a completely different story. Still it never goes in this direction. Instead it focuses on the relationship with her parents and the continuing influence of the teacher. I liked that it was never judgmental but kept your mind open in all directions.

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