Winter Wonderland

At least once a year I manage to go skiing. While I was studying, we went for a week. Now it is more like a weekend, meaning we arrive on Friday, go skiing on Saturday, and drive home on Sunday. Maybe not the most efficient way, but partywise it makes up for the lack of skiing. And isn’t skiing also about the “Après-ski”? The last couple of years I only managed to go skiing with my co-workers, which might sound boring to you. But guys, so not true!

This year we forewent the usual hotel and rented a chalet in Filzmoos instead. Self-catering holidays was a brand new experience for all involved parties (ok, maybe only me), but my point here is that I didn’t know what to expect from this apartment sharing weekend with my co-workers.

Upon leaving Vienna Friday afternoon we had sleet/rain/snow for most of the way to Salzburg. Not the most promising start for our weekend. Nonetheless we finally arrived at the chalet, with a little help from some friends. It is actually quite interesting to find one’s way without a navigation system in the dark when the roads are dark and signs snowed in. This heightened interest turned to mush when we entered the chalet. I felt right back at summer camp only that this time it was winter. The entrance hall showed a pile of shoes, jacket and coats all over and the smell of spaghetti wafted down from the kitchen on the first floor. Welcome back to childhood memories!

So no “Après Ski” for us this first evening (actually it would have been “Avant Ski”) but an evening full of playing games eg Bauernschnapsen and Sticheln (a really great game to while the time away), celebrating a 40th birthday in a zebra costume (don’t ask) and lots of alcohol (on the zebra part). A good preparation for an early start the next day.

Which didn’t work out because Andrea and I were the last to appear at breakfast. Our colleague Lukas got asked so many times where we were that in the end he gave up and knocked on our door to make sure we were still alive (kind of reminds me of someone…). But there was no reason to get up early because one look out of our window told us everything.001No sunshine, only grey skies and a couple of flurries. No reason to hurry.

Turned out we were wrong after all (this happens to the best of us) because the sun came out eventually. Until then we kept busy by taking the bus to the next village to rent ski. An important detail if one wants to go skiing. On the way to the bus we took a couple of pictures, here our chalet and us looking like eggs “sunny side up”.003004

After a detour to the next village, we finally got to Filzmoos and were able to rent some equipment. On hindsight I should have walked the 50 meters more to the bigger sports shop to not get outfitted in children boots. But you know, once I sat down and gave my details, my fate was decided. In the end it probably made no difference, all three of us from Vienna were out of practice and felt the pain in our calves the next day.

By then though the sun was out in full splendor and we were keen on hitting the slopes. Doesn’t this winter wonderland look amazing?006007008009011012013015016

As far as the amazement went we were impressed exactly until we arrived on top. There we met the rest of our group who of course didn’t have to rent anything and got up earlier and had hit the slopes already at 9:30 while we were still having breakfast. Maybe that is the difference between a good skier and a fun skier? Anyway, they were already on their way to the first break. But Andrea and I agreed, no break for us until we skied at least once. Which we did and it was excellent! Skiing conditions were perfect, I had a good grip on the snow and the sun was shining. What more could I ask for?

Maybe a good lunch? 023

In good company?020And afterwards a coffee in the sun, with this view?026029031

The sun and the snow enticed us to leave this lovely spot and so we did. But Austria would not be famous for its slopes if we would not also be famous for our hospitality. And that’s why you find a cozy hut around every corner on the mountains. Another stop, another drink. This time not coffee but something sweet for the girls and something clear for the guys.


The view from this spot was also impressive. Basically in whatever direction we looked we had an amazing panorama.052054053057

But with the setting of the sun the skiing part of the day was over and the “après” part started.063064 No “camp games” this evening but rather the grown-up version. We zoomed in on the only bar in this area (ok, not really sure about this and don’t want to insult the locals, but it sounded as if there was not much else) and danced the early evening away. No pictures from this memorable evening (at least not for your eyes) but I found a rather astonishing sign right next to the bar and I am still wondering what’s the reason behind it.070 (It means “Don’t spit on the floor”). It’s not as if people here were still chewing tobacco (if they ever did). Anyway, if you got any idea about it, let me know.

When we finally made it back to the chalet, I was ready to call it a night. Fresh air always made me sleepy.
Yours, Pollybert


Skiing in good company

Every year my company organizes a weekend of skiing in Schladming. And like every year we had lots of fun. Only this year we had the added bonus of perfect weather but minus the great snow conditions. Can’t have it all though!




Seems as if we did after all, no? Ok, maybe I am just trying to make it look better than it actually was. We also saw this on the way up. Yeah spring was here, definitely. Yesterday winter came back though, so today it looks probably a lot different again. But what does it matter how it looks today, we had good conditions to ski in the morning and spent the rest of the day with Aprés Ski! And it’s never too early to start.

Last Wednesday I went to see “Die wilden Kaiser” and it put me in the right frame of mind for hard-core aprés ski. I never really thought about all these Austrian/German songs, just sang along and danced a lot. Until I talked to some Slovenian people who I met at the Tenne and I realized how privileged we are to understand these “amazing” songs. If you want to get an impressions click here and listen to Helene Fischer, a permanent fixture in the aprés-ski music scene. (Wouldn’t want to be caught dead listen to her at home, but when out partying with a bit of alcohol…she is great). Anyway, here some more pictures and selfies with my colleagues.
Enjoy and be jealous. Yours, Pollybert