Here comes the sun

Saturday morning started with another run. This time further up the hill to stay in training. On the way down, a short stop at Monica’s for coffee and a mini cornetto with chocolate. Delicious!!
After breakfast I noticed the sun coming out and decided I would try my luck with the pool. And really the weather held, I spent most of my day at the pool looking down into the Arno valley.


Of course it was to cold to swim, but just staying in the sun and getting a bit of a tan was already luxurious especially after the weather we had.
In the afternoon we drove down to Vinci home of Leonardo da Vinci. There is a museum which has a large collection and replicas of his work. But we bypassed the cultural side of the village and went straight for coffee, ice cream and Campari spritz (in that order). In between we strolled through the main square and went window shopping.


20130604-091209.jpg These are jasmine flowers. Can you imagine the scent just walking by?
Thanks to the jasmine the way back to Il Lampaggio was not so smelly because Fanny left a large present in her diaper for her parents.

Dinner was again an excellent affair and I am sorry to say I never took the time for pictures. The food is just so delicious that you want to dig in and not wait for another second.
Sunday morning was grey and overcast again which made leaving this wonderful area easier. The trip back passed uneventful but we made a little stop for dinner at Gasthaus Schneider. The place is the total opposite of Italy, a typical Austrian country restaurant with lots of sweet water fish dishes and other local food. And what better way to finish a weekend getaway with a nice dinner?
Yours, Pollybert