(Club) holiday in a nut shell

Today is my last day in this gorgeous resort and it seems only fitting to write something about the whole experience of a club vacation. Also a while back I reviewed this great book from Meike Winnemuth and I really liked her idea to end each chapter with a ’10 things I learnt in…’ page. I appreciate the concept that one is never too old learn and it gives one a chance to look back over a period of time and draw ones conclusions.
So here are the things I found out (about myself) during this vacation:

– Germany is the most important nation in a club. The quarter finals of the Champions League were going on during my stay, and while as the name implies there were four games being played only the game of Bayern Munich was shown with tone, in German and all other entertainment got cut off. This was further interesting as the majority of the club’s guests is French. The game of PSG on the day before was just ignored. So as far as club status goes, one should be German.

– Always, always check if your vacation falls into any kind of official holidays. The exponential growth rate of new guests was staggering from Friday on. Slight oversight on my part that Easter was just around the corner. What I hate even more than buffet food is lining up for said food.

– I overestimated my love for children. On club vacation children should join the ‘Mini-Club’ in the morning and not be seen until it’s time to say ‘Good Night’. This feeling increased with aforementioned growth rate of guest influx (see above).

– 18 degrees and sunny on my weather app doesn’t show in any way reality. What’s happening is that you will burn your feet when trying to walk on hot sand while when trying to cool them on the tiles on the way to the bathroom you will probably catch a UTI because it’s so frigging cold.

– The thinner the skin of an orange the longer it stayed on the tree.

– It’s possible to avoid speaking to any other guests except when in inebriated condition. Not sure why it doesn’t work then (still try to remember). I am apparently a very self-contained person but can’t help myself making new friends in the evening. Further investigation necessary, maybe tonight…

– I packed too much. I made a list before (I am quite big on lists, organized girl that I am), actually I used the one from last year and cut it in half. The stuff on the list, not the list itself. Also didn’t reduce ratio of underwear per day. I figured since it was cold I wouldn’t sweat so much therefore needed less clothes. Quite correct assumption, still packed too much though. Packing seems to be science that still eludes me.

– I am old because the music was too loud for me. But ear damage from said music can correct that. I have never looked younger.

– Since I am traveling alone I have decided I earn the right to sit at the best table available during mealtimes. Even if it seats four and I am all by myself. At least I am always in great company, myself and my kindle. Can’t say the same for quite a lot of sorry looking couples. As if a vacation will help anything. Also I am not talking to my kindle because it might seem a bit weird, but them?

– Nothing looks worse than tattoos on old and overweight people. Think about that while you are still young and skinny.

– Best breakfast ever (say hi to your cholesterol)214

– Best view to drink afternoon Gin Tonic (Queen Mum already drank that and look how it prolonged her life, so it’s actually medicine). The island btw that you can see in the back is Samos. I will be going there in June. Guess I will be staying in this corner of the world for vacations this year. Next time should look a bit closer on the map. But could be a lot worse, no?:219

– I have to avoid buffet food from now on. Even though I don’t like it, I can’t stop myself from going back, going back, going back. Like the Energizer Bunny.

In this sense I am glad that the vacation is coming to an end. In all others I am sad to leave here. For a club vacation this comes close to perfection. Yours, Pollybert


Let the sunshine in

Since two days I am doing nothing except walking to the restaurant for three meals a day and in-between I spend my time at the pool, reading books and magazines, watching Breaking Bad, and enjoying a drink once in a while. Of course I am already here since Sunday morning but I am only counting since the trip to Ephesus. Sunday I needed to acclimatize and Monday I was doing culture. That doesn’t count.

I have not really talked about my hotel so far, the club Paloma Sultan. I am positively surprised at how nice the hotel area and especially how polite and helpful the hotel staff is without being obtrusive. Compared to Egypt (the worst) and Morocco (charming but brash) the best place so far as muslim countries go. Having said this, the food on the other hand has lots of room for improvement. I give them a point for trying and using fresh ingredients but most of it lacks in taste and is very greasy.

The doesn’t keep me from going three times a day to the restaurant to check if there is something new to try. I am definitely not on a diet here, also no sport so far except being in the pool yesterday. Does that count? Going in twice for a little round? Am not sure this is enough the countermand my food intake, but on holidays everything is allowed. The club by the way is populated by all kinds of European countries, which I like a lot. Usually one only finds a mix of Germans and English.

Also made an interesting observation yesterday at the Champions League game. Bayern Munich was playing vs Manchester United and when Uli Hoeness was shown on tv the Germans booed. I didn’t expect that. The guy was just sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for tax evasion of 28m Euros and he accepted it without going to appeal. Which I found remarkable since every Austrian f*ck up who stands in the public eye appeals all the way to eternity. Nobody wants to go to jail. Therefore chapeau! But apparently the Germans don’t think the same way. There was really quite a lot of resentment felt while Uli Hoeness was shown on tv.

But let’s stop politicizing, you don’t care and I am on vacation. Tomorrow won’t feel like it because I have to get up at 6:30. It’s my second trip this week, now to Pamukkale. I will take myself to the pool now.
Yours, Pollybert105


Weekend leisure

Last weekend I went to see my great-uncle (the one who sponsors the classic concert tickets) and we went for lunch on the Bisamberg. The restaurant on top has a new tenant and we wanted to check if the food was still good. Lunch was so-so, nothing great, but the walk after with my uncle turned into a treasure of information. We passed a ‘hunting lodge’ which awaits its restoration since 1957. The City of Vienna apparently just waits until the problem disappears by itself.

We left the villa and its problems behind us and took in the amazing view over Vienna.

Here my uncle explained life or something like it.


This weekend I had a different program. Yesterday evening I was at my friend’s place enjoying a Wiener Schnitzel (excellent as usual!) while waiting for the Champions League finale at the Wembley stadium to begin. Ok, not true. We had to eat at 6pm to finish latest at 7pm to not miss one minute of pre-program before the start. Her boyfriend makes an amazing potato salad but when it comes to sport viewing he has his own rules. So we had almost two hours to go and watched the mounting excitement in the room.

It grew further when the game began because the BVB had quite a few chances in the beginning. Still, the others won. I like passive sport better when my team wins. Therefore I left right after the game. Also I had to get a good night’s sleep for my big race today.
Today was active sport’s day with a participation in the Women’s Run. A little check on how the training goes for the sprint triathlon. I am quite happy with the result, had a time of under 31min for the 5k race.

Of course the time is a personal thing, we were all winners. Our team this year was decimated due to health issue, so it was just the two of us.

Yours, Pollybert