Walking in the rain

Waking in up in our room in the Palazzo Zichy we still heard the rain. So apparently it hadn’t stopped during the night but was keeping a tight hold on the city. At least the view from the window showed a lighter sky than in Dublin.IMG_8758IMG_8757
Therefore breakfast turned into a lazy affair since we decided to forget about the free walking tour in Budapest. After my experience in Dublin in the rain I was not in the mood to repeat it right away. We settled on making a bus tour with the Hop on Hop off bus and enjoy breakfast a bit longer.IMG_8755 One glance up and we knew there was no chance for the rain to let up.IMG_8756

We bought our bus ticket at the reception and then asked which way to go (we are fast learners after all!). The bus station was just a couple of blocks away and we walked through another Christmas market to get there.IMG_8760IMG_8763IMG_8764IMG_8765

Not Yeti but a priest I think. At least it seemed so because he had some religious books in front of him and an instrument. So maybe he was not a priest after all. Thinking about it now…the instrument, a fagot maybe? Whatever would he need that for?

The metro station we passed looked as if a space ship landed on top.IMG_8766

Earlier on we decided to take the red bus which should bring us up to the castle, but since the yellow one arrived first we needed to change again at Deák tér (former bus station for all buses from Vienna).IMG_8769

After a short 20 minute wait the red bus finally arrived. And here are the best pictures from this bus tour (sorry, the window was dirty and wet).IMG_8775IMG_8783IMG_8784IMG_8787IMG_8796IMG_8804IMG_8802IMG_8800IMG_8799IMG_8798IMG_8806IMG_8807IMG_8808IMG_8810IMG_8812

This is Budapest in the rain, still impressive and with beautiful buildings but also not very inviting. Nonetheless we left the bus at the Buda Castle one of the few things we wanted to see up close despite the rain. We took a leisurely stroll underneath our umbrellas around the castle area and trying to enjoy ourselves.IMG_8815IMG_8819IMG_8820IMG_8825IMG_8826

A group picture at Fisherman’s Bastion rain defying without the umbrella and more pictures from above.IMG_8831IMG_8842IMG_8837IMG_8834IMG_8832

By then we had enough of the castle and were ready to turn around again and get down the hill. The funicular was our preferred mode of transportation, in the end we walked because it made for nicer pictures and we wanted to get some appetite.IMG_8848IMG_9062IMG_9052
It does look spectacular, don’t you find?
Yours, Pollybert