A weekend with “Greek” friends

As all of you know (and the ones who don’t click here) while on vacation in Ios with my friends Pat and C we met a group of Americans/Brazilians and had a fun day/night with them. Now one of the girls just lives around the corner, in Milan to be precise, and she came to see us last weekend.

We started the evening at Mari’s 25h Hotel which had the advantage of a great location, great food and an amazing rooftop bar.050The perfect spot to begin especially with this theme. After dinner we moved up to the rooftop to enjoy the view and a drink before moving on to another party. While taking the elevator up we tried our hand on a group selfie. I like these ones best since we all made it on the picture in one way or another.007010
The car ride to the party was thankfully uneventful but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The picture is just from the back row.001The party then turned out to be a mad house. It’s always astonishing how small Vienna is and who knows whom and whom you meet when you least expect it.

Since Mari hadn’t any breakfast booked we had free rein on taking her to our favorite spots. Nothing beats a Saturday morning breakfast at the Naschmarkt Deli. And the weather god was with us as well since it didn’t rain.015
After boosting our system with a hearty breakfast we made our way into town for a small sightseeing tour. Meet the bunny in front of the opera house and then take a look inside the Hotel Sacher.

From the Sacher we walked through the Burggarten,042

passed the Hofburg and ended up in front of the Demel. Here we took a closer look at the open kitchen and the various deserts.022023

And one more, just for Fay and Robert.025
Mari ended up buying Christmas cookies and not this little boot stuffer for Saint Nicholas.029030
When we reached the Meinl am Graben I suggested a short pit stop to refuel.031034
After a walk on the Graben and passing St. Stephen’s Cathedral046

we finally reached the destination for the afternoon. Café Diglas at Fleischmarkt is small and homely and has amazing cakes (and it was Fay and Robert who told me about this place first) And this is what we had.048

After the sugar shock it was time to go home, relax and recharge the batteries for the rest of the evening. We had another night around town planned and for this we needed to dress up. We met for dinner at the Plachutta Oper which was ok. It was good but far from great and sometimes I think it is more for tourists.
Never mind from there we moved on to Roberto’s for a quick drink which turned out to be bit longer. In the end we left the place to go home instead to another party location.055057

So it was great that the next day we met only at 11am for breakfast. Gave all of us a chance to catch up on sleep and revive our “doused” spirits. We tried a relatively new place called Kussmaul (I will have an extra post on this one).070
After breakfast it was already time to say goodbye for some of us since C had to go back the office while we girls were off to Schönbrunn. It was a gorgeous day with sunshine and blue sky, perfect weather for a stroll on the castle grounds. 081083084076086087092094102105

And then we had to go back already to the hotel. One last coffee at Lieblingsflohmarkt which was held at 25h Hotel that day and then outside to wait for the airport cab. Which took its time, and its time, and its time. Actually it never arrived but another airport cab was waiting for its passenger, so Mari got lucky and could take that one. Our goodbyes were a bit more stressed than we had hoped, nevertheless Mari reached the airport on time and made her flight. I had to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening on the couch, exhausted from sightseeing and partying. In the end what matter is that we had a great time. Which definitely calls for a repeat performance.
Yours, Pollybert


Enough partying for now

My birthday weekend was one long party and when you reach a certain age this can be exhausting. Haha, only joking. Of course I still have the stamina to go all the way and party with the best!

It started already mid-week with the birthday dinner of my friend Evi. She invited us to Mochi, one of the best Asian fusion places in town! We ate our way through everything on the menu and by the time desert came I was all around happy. Happy Birthday once again and great that you are joining the big 4-0! 001

006My own celebrations started on Friday in the office with champagne and cake. Since I made the cake for yours truly, of course I have to you show my creation again. I happened to make a smaller one as well which we devoured on Monday in the office. Cakes never keep for a long time around here.

And while the planned evening with the girls and karaoke fell through, the alternative program happened to be a blast. My friend and I started at the Deli where we got talking to the people at the table next to us. And before I knew what was happening they had ordered me a little birthday cake (a brownie with vanilla ice-cream and not a burger with mashed potatoes; really, people with bad eye sight should just get glasses!)

The brownie broke the ice and we moved our tables together, shared a bottle of wine and later on went dancing (aka standing next to the bar) at the Chaya Fuera. When I was leaving the club I had some trouble finding the exit! I mean what’s the point of hanging floor length curtains in front of walls? It irritates the h*ll out of people who might have tunnel vision at some point during the night, it’s also a bit embarrassing when you see someone looking behind every curtain. So glad it wasn’t me though…

Saturday more partying was happening; it was the weekend and I have a reputation to uphold. But first a visit to my brother’s place where a very bad-tempered midget was working on my head-ache.009

011So glad that I could spend the afternoon taking a two hour power-nap to be ready for the evening. I was invited to a spring party which was held at the Deli Bluem about which I wrote here. All pictures now are from the hostess Ros who also organized this amazing evening. My friend from Deli Bluem was responsible for the great food though! Here are the two organizers! The evening was lovely and I even got my own raw vegan birthday cake. How is that for a birthday? Three cakes for me and I only had to make own myself. I really have great friends and I love them all!




Before going home I got a bouquet of peonies, half open and smelling lovely. The next day they were already open a bit more and today I took another picture and they are in full bloom! Aren’t they beautiful?


Last but not least on Monday evening I celebrated with my family since my brother, sister and great-cousin have their birthdays all around mine. We went for dinner at the Motto (great place, great food) where I got a rose from my brother’s garden. This rose looked so amazing this morning that I had to take a picture of it in front of another birthday gift which had finally arrived last fall. I wrote about my woes with Infurn already, therefore it is only fair to say that I got my chair in the end and it is beautiful! A really great gift from all of my friends! Yours, Pollybert

PS: Still, don’t order with Infurn! I just got lucky!