How the new year is shaping up so far

I started the new year with a cold which has progressed now to a cold with a cough which is getting worse daily. Great start into the new year and that although I am supposed to have a great year (check here and here how your year will be).

Never mind I used my time wisely and watched a lot of TV, finished “Breaking Bad“; I know, I know, I am very late to the game, but still…what a show! Upon finishing with BB I started with “Marco Polo” which so far keeps me enthralled. The rest of the time was spent in bed, sleeping a lot and reading a bit. I am struggling a bit with the Haiti series, interesting topic but soooo slow to read. The information here is plainly overwhelming for it to be a quick read.

I also “survived” my first full week back at work. Christmas break was wonderful even though I didn’t take vacation. The national holidays fell so good this year that I had 5 full days to relax. Not that anything is left from this relaxation. Week 1 and 2 in my line of work are always super busy and I felt it this year. My cold is not getting any better and I am not getting enough sleep. But that’s maybe not due to work but rather a problem at work.

Because life outside of the office is still going strong. Lots of dinner invitation which are absolutely not helping with my resolution to start shedding the pounds. Maybe this is because the resolution is annual? Like a boomerang this resolution hits me every year. And one of my friend’s calls me a yo-yo. But couldn’t it be the fault of the resolution? It is just not helping! I am making up my mind to do something and really try my best to lose the weight. But then shouldn’t the resolution support me in this and also pull its weight in the right direction, aka down the scales and not up? I mean we made a deal on NYE to really do the best we can this year and it simply doesn’t work if only one of us is doing its job!

So my resolution and I are going to have a bit of a discussion about all this miscommunication. We are definitely starting week 3 on the right track this time and pull both our weight! Possible that I have a bit more of that than my resolution, but it’s the thought that counts! Ha, not true at all. I am not talking about attending the Olympic Games were being part of it is already enough. I want to be winner and come out on top or rather lower on the scales.
Yours, Pollybert


What I learned in Ios

As done before here and here I will try to put together a list with things/feelings I took from this vacation.

– It’s totally agreeable to visit an island where there is no sightseeing possible
– Greek meze rock!
– There is only so much I can read while on the beach, sometimes all I want to do is watch the sea
– I actually wrote the above sentence, which must make it true
– Doing nothing gets better every day
– I could watch my girth grow every day
– Healthy food does not mean diet food
– It does seem weird for other people when three single adults travel together, but not all dare to ask how we are connected
– Ios is great for all ages
– Life doesn’t get much better when you travel with your friends!

Yours, Pollybert
(Pictures thanks to Pat!)

New masterplan

After an amazing weekend with parties all around, my friends beside me and an abundance of sunshine I went to my second class of HIIT yesterday. Today my legs feel like pudding but way better than last time. Hopefully my Pilates class in the evening will improve everything else.

If you are wondering where this new sporty ambition is coming from: I have decided to take some drastic measures to lose the extra weight I put on over the last year. The more I talked about losing a bit, the more I gained. After seeing myself in the bikini shots from Rhodes, I knew it was time to do something. And still… even this didn’t help. I tried cutting carbs in the evening and just eating healthier, doing a bit more sports and so on. Nothing, nada, nul. I just enjoy eating too much!

So now I have a different approach, having decided to keep it with Kate Moss: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. She also added though that “you try to remember, but it never works”. I don’t want to be stick thin (not that there is any danger). I am way too old for that because being skinny would also make me look like an old hag. No, no, I need a bit of fat to look fresh. The glow is long gone and I never had a peachy complexion, but I don’t want age prematurely by weight loss. What a waste of good body fat (also hard-earned).

I started yesterday with EODD (every other day diet) or 10in2. Basically it is one day eating, one day not eating. So far, so easy. I started with the not eating yesterday and I was ok. I was really, really hungry around lunch time but the rest of the day was not hard. Especially after my HIIT class I was glad to be home, just sat on the balcony enjoying a glass of wine (you are allowed to have one on the 0 days).

My goal is to go through with it for three weeks and then see if there is any progress and if there is (hopefully, cause isn’t that the reason I am doing all this?) then to decide if I go on (meaning did I lose enough to keep me going). Not that I am expecting a miracle (although that would be nice) but a change would be very much appreciated (ahem, a must actually what with all the sacrifices). I have another bikini vacation looming ahead and I need to look a lot hotter than last month.
Yours, Pollybert

PS: I finished reading ‘I heart New York’ and ‘I heart Hollywood’ by Lindsey Kelk. The first one was very funny, fresh and just so nice to read. Like a fluffy cake without the guilt trip. The second book was not as good as the first one, but I liked the girl and wanted to know what goes on in her life. The guilt of the fluffy cake had definitely started. The book was an advertising bible on where to go shopping and which designers to buy. Not that I minded so much but it got fairly bland. Still I started with ‘I heart Paris’, and so far so bad. I think the series is taking a turn for the worse and I am not sure it’s coming back to its former glory. Let’s see how it goes though, otherwise goodbye Angela Clark.