Hot Pot at Mama Lui&Sons

Going out for dinner with the girls is always great fun. Especially when we try new restaurants and I get to taste lots of new dishes. So last Tuesday we met at Mama Lui&Sons. We had some difficulties reserving a table; one week in advance our preferred time at 7pm was not possible. We could either have a time slot at 6pm or 8:30pm. We took the 6 o’clock one.

Upon arriving at the restaurant it was empty but filled up quickly. No wonder they wanted us to order fast. Apparently they can book a table at least twice per evening. The restaurant looks rather dark but there is more than enough light above each table to read the menu (an issue that gets more and more important over time) and to see what you eat.IMG_9683IMG_9664

In the end none of us ordered Hot Pot even though it’s the restaurant’s specialty. I took a picture from a Hot Pot on the neighboring table so that you get an impression how it looks like.IMG_9676Looks quite good, don’t you think? I am just not sure about the price for what is in the end a large bowl of soup.

We stayed with the starters and the “dish of the day” (which are actually four and more weekly/monthly changing dishes). The service is efficient and friendly and has a certain German touch (“Schorle” anyone?). The starters were delicious. Everything we ordered tasted great, I really loved my mixed fried Dim Sum basket, the green peppers in black bean sauce and the Xia-Bing flatbread I could try from Evi.IMG_9659IMG_9670IMG_9665IMG_9671IMG_9673IMG_9675

Of course we started eating before I took the pictures so the fried Dim Sum were gone before I got my phone out (thanks to Sylvia there are at least some). Everything tasted fresh and hot, the dipping sauce was delicious and a free refill for it was available. The only let-down was the dish of the day. The “Ginger Duck” tasted boring and was actually the only dish not freshly made. The duck looked as if it had gotten stir-fried in the morning (dazzling rays in all colors are never a good sign on your meat), so Evi was happy that there was actually not a lot of ginger-duck in the stir-fry.IMG_9682

Overall the food was good though and we had a great time. If anyone of you tries the Hot Pot, let me know. I am kind of curious if it’s worth it.
Yours, Pollybert


My love for asian food

My love for good food is well known and the older I get the more I care. This has some negative side effects for my bikini body which I try to avert by increasing my fitness hours. Doesn’t work of course, but love to think I can stall ageing and weight gain by talking about how much I work out!

In the beginning of May we tried a Chinese/Dim Sum place near the Naschmarkt called Aming Dim Sum Profi. I love that they carry the word “Profi” in their name suggesting that real professionals are at work here (quite possible after what I tried). While it seems wise to make a reservation due to the size of the restaurant, we got lucky without one. The place itself is super small with a partly open kitchen. The customers come here to enjoy the food but not to spend a leisurely evening with friends. For this the place is too stark and fast-food atmospheric. Nonetheless the food is great and worth a visit.

The two of us tried six different appetizers. We started with a chicken salad and spicy pork dumplings


Then we had duck and something crispy fried with beef, ginger and spring onions.


We also tried green beans with the 1000 year old egg. I can vouch for the egg though, had no problems afterwards. Also forgot to take a picture of it. But I have on more picture from something fried again, this time stuffed with seafood. I am obviously blocking any thoughts about it because I can’t remember the exact filling, only that it tasted awful. Or maybe it is an acquired taste an I am not used to?005
The place itself though I can definitely recommend! Out of the six dishes two were outstanding (chicken salad and the spicy pork dumplings) and the other three real good and only one not great! Since we only touched the surface of the menu, we have to come and sample some more! Yours, Pollybert