Duspara – a new restaurant in town

Wow, wow, wow! What more can I say? Even though my last two posts were already about restaurants (here and here), the best is yet to come. I feel so enthused about this place, finally one I can wholeheartedly recommend. Something I probably shouldn’t do because then the restaurant will be packed and I will never get a table again. But it’s not something others haven’t done already (click here to read a professional review in German) and let’s be honest: my little review will not make a difference. Nonetheless I want to put in my two cents as well.

One week ago on Saturday was another get-together of the Tuscany round. Something we do fairly often, like every 4-6 weeks. We always go for dinner, mostly good and sometimes great. This time it was great (such a good choice Andi! Thank you again)!

The restaurant Duspara (no website so far) recently opened. The chef, called Danijel Duspara, has already cooked in different restaurants and has now opened his own place. I don’t want to lie to you, I have never heard of this guy before. But after that evening I will never forget him. I know I sound mental, but this dinner was like a revelation. Simple dishes in perfect execution!

The menu is small but with something for every taste. I ordered trout rillette which came with a salad and marinated fennel. The others ordered either turnip cabbage soup laced with anise or duck liver paté with a warm brioche and spiced quince.050052051Everything tasted so good and it was so nicely presented! The most astonishing thing was the soup which sounded boring and was unbelievably good!

The main course was more diverse. We had pork, deer, char and liver. Everything was excellent and even though the side dishes look the same they were different, partly mashed potatoes, partly mashed parsnips.054
Again everything was excellent, if I have one critique point it’s the blue plate for the char. It just doesn’t do the dish justice. The colors of the pea-mint purée and the red beets would pop so much more on a white plate.

For dessert we ordered a small choice of everything which turned out to be larger than expected. We had cheese cake (the real deal unlike here), mousse au chocolat and apple crumble. The crumble got a make-over and was served in individual portions. I like it better when it is juicier but my brother who usually forgoes the desserts finished them off!058057059

Altogether the place is definitely worth a trip! I haven’t had such a good dinner in a very long time, plus prices are more than fair!
Yours, Pollybert

Right in the middle or ‘Mittendrin’

There is a new project in Vienna, which involves a flat share with homeless persons and students. The VinziRast – mittendrin is almost downtown, right next to two university departments and only 10 minutes from my place. I have seen a report on tv about the flat share program and how it works. And it really looks as if it is something special for both sides. They are learning from each other, giving the homeless a chance to social reintegration and while teaching students to treat everyone without prejudice.
Also since the house is almost downtown it brings a disadvantaged group right into the middle of things. We all learn from each other and stop looking away!

So yesterday I went there for dinner with friends. In the apartment building, which consists of ten apartments, is a restaurant on the ground floor which is called ‘Mittendrin’ (right in the middle). The restaurant shows how something beautiful can be created from things others throw away. The ceiling and the walls are partly made from old wooden fruit crates, old doorknobs get a second life as coat and purse hangers at the bar.

We met first in the garden, but the slightly cool wind brought us inside.

My friend Sylvia, keeping us waiting while she was on the phone

meanwhile giving us a good look at her gigantic blisters which she got from her new golf shoes.

I know, it’s awful (and must have hurt!!), but she made me look at them and this was before dinner. So why shouldn’t you?

On to dinner then. This time Sylvia made sure that I took pictures of all courses. First course for Sylvia, was a sour-cream soup with herbs, then falafel lasagna.


For Angi spare ribs

and for myself lamb korma.

Pavlova and apricot cake for dessert.


The food was delicious, service impeccable and courteous, and the prices very reasonable. We had a wonderful evening and I can only highly recommend the Mittendrin (it is closed in August due to the roadside construction outside). Cheers!
Yours, Pollybert