Le Bol

If you get the impression that I am starting to write a lot about eating out then you are totally right. The idea of breaking bread with your friends is an old one and the older I get the more important it becomes. The sharing of a meal is actually quite an intimate affair and it provides a great setting for meeting friends. So instead of just drinking and talking sh*t, we eat before and talk sh*t later.

Last Friday I was meeting Annemarie, whom you already met on our vacation in Marbella. She suggested going to  Le Bol, a French Café/Bistro that I sometimes frequent for coffee. So far I had never been for dinner or actually any other food to think of it. So it was high time to try it.

We had a reservation which was more than necessary at this place. At 6:30 sharp our table got vacated and we were allowed to sit down. I assume if you don’t reserve then you might a place at the community table, but having a reservation helps to get one of the smaller ones. On sitting down I noticed that actually the ‘slot-reservation’ had come to Vienna as well without my notice. At least it was charmingly written in French.Le Bol

We ordered our drinks (after all what is dinner without a glass of wine) and looked over the menu. There was not a lot of variety; it amounted to salads, sandwiches and quiches. I chose the grilled goat cheese salad which came highly recommended by Annemarie.IMG_0203IMG_0201Not only did it look mouth-watering, it also tasted so. The dressing was well balanced and didn’t overwhelm the flavors of the cheese and the leafy greens. A perfect fit.

Meanwhile Annemarie ordered the French onion soup and a Mediterranean salad. IMG_0197
I was not so sure about the soup but Annemarie was cold and it seemed to do the trick. The salad as well worked its magic since it was gone in a flash.

For dessert we ordered a chocolate éclair, a favorite of Annemarie. For me it was a bit on the sweet side. I am always into sweet things but this one was too sugary.IMG_0205

All in all a very pleasant evening. In the end I see this bistro rather as a lunch favorite than an evening restaurant. But if you are in the mood for a light and easy fare then this is the right place for you.
Yours, Pollybert