An afternoon stroll through Vienna

Usually I spend my Saturday afternoons on the couch, reading a book, following sport on TV or just taking a nap. But once in while I can be enticed to wander around in Vienna. Ok, that was maybe exaggerated. I don’t wander aimlessly around in Vienna. I don’t care so much because I am not a tourist in my city. And this is the problem. Vienna has so much to offer if one cares enough to take a closer look! Which I did last Saturday with my friend Evi. We walked around the Freihausviertel and a bit further afield and after a while I started to take some pictures. There were really some gorgeous shops in the area.

Take a look at this one, called Elfenkleid.006002
003 Just the way all these clothes were hanging from one color to the next was so beautiful. And then this tasteful flower arrangement on the desk. Very impressive!

A bit further we found a shop called sattGarten which was full of cosmetic brands I have never heard before.011
They closed immediately after we left, maybe they were tired of people like us just looking (and by looking I mean of course touching because how can you otherwise look? I prefer the haptic look) at everything but not buying anything. We circled the shop once and after a couple of inquiring questions from Evi we left.008009

Our last shopping stop was at Bananas, a furniture store with stuff from almost all decades of the last century. There were a few things I would have taken home with me if I had the necessary space. In the end I found something (or rather Evi when she went back there on Monday). But this is a surprise for someone else.
Yours, Pollybert

Design furniture heaven

One has to love one’s friends! Mine are especially generous and yesterday I got invited by T. an architect to see the furniture exhibition at the Semper Depot (only German). The last time I was there I went to see the Winter market I saw. This time it was for the furniture exhibition organized by H.O.M.E. magazine. Best part about it was that the event was open in the evening by invitation only and free drinks! Yeah, way to go. I had a slight problem though since I am not drinking during lent (except on special occasions which I decide!).

003 Anyway, so far I had only seen the ground floor and was especially curious to see all the other levels. Right after arriving on the first level I had this gorgeous view. And it got better and better the higher we climbed. And as an incentive there was a bar waiting on every level! I was not really interested in the furniture. I am not planning on buying anything in the near future, I love my place exactly as it is at the moment. Especially after my chair from Infurn arrived (already last October), totally unexpected (read about my woes with Infurn here)! But seeing furniture in such an amazing environment turns everything instantly in a need-to-have-right-now object!

So I decided to limit myself to the bar area with a glass of water (I can do it, I am calm and I am strong!), admiring the interior of the Semper Depot and the furniture from afar. My friend took the admiring a bit further and tested one of the beds. Oh, and you are never too old for some pillow fight!


My friend Mimi is way too distinguished for such public behavior, he rather made the rounds, shaking hands, lots of small talk plus checking all the goods on display while making a phone call. But even he could not withstand the charm of the cutest visitor of the exhibition. I will never say again that a man is not able to multitask.


The exhibition is open until Sunday, I will leave you with some more impressions! The last picture is from my must-have object. Wouldn’t know where to put it, it just strikingly beautiful!
Yours, Pollybert