Back to running

What a lazy summer it has been so far! Heavenly! But all good things must come to an end and so has the non-running period to stop as well. The Vienna Nightrun is held at the end of September and the last time I went running was in May.

So, no better time like the present, my running partner Synne and I met Monday evening and we went for our first run in 3 months. Yeah!! Way to go. As you can see we couldn’t match our earlier times but that was not the point. We just wanted to get going and start running again.

Which we did now. So that’s a start.

It’s not as if I haven’t done anything all summer long, I still went to my HIIT classes once or twice a week. To be honest I am getting more and more exhausted from this work-out. I really think it helps but I need some variety. Therefore I started to do some Tracy Anderson at home. Which is actually working really well. Probably her method too if Gwyneth Paltrow is any evidence for it, but I have only tried a couple of times so far. So no visible changes to report at the moment. What I meant was the work out in front of my computer. Never thought I could motivate myself to do something at home while the couch is beckoning. But life is full of surprises!

It was actually my friend from Citycountry Bumpkin who wrote about it here which inspired me already last year to give it a try. After attempting it once I almost died from exhaustion. Now it feels different which has to be the result of one year of HIIT. The work-out is still exhausting but it’s not killing me. Which might means I am not doing it well enough. Ah, never mind! The point is to work out and get active, not to be extreme about it. In the end it is the fun factor which keeps me continuing. Ha, when I look at my pictures after running I am not sure what I am talking about though.
Yours, Pollybert

A long weekend of summer

002I love it when it’s hot outside. Inside the old buildings here in Vienna it’s still cool and refreshing, but outside summer is starting with a vengeance. And that’s exactly what happened last week just in time for a long weekend. Friday evening started with drinks at Heuer, then on to the Brazil Festival right around the corner and then later on to the Wiener Kirtag at the Rathausplatz. Kirtag is a typical regional festival, not so easy to explain. You might be better off to read about it here.


010From the amount of pictures posted from the Kirtag one might think that we spent the longest time there. Absolutely not true, we spent the longest time lining up for drinks at the Brazil festival. They were not ready for all these Mojito and Caipirinha drinkers. Sorry to say that the beer at the Kirtag tasted way better though. I like it that the beer company is almost patting us on the shoulder to let us Viennese know that we have good taste. We do, we like to drink our own local beer though.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and after my usual morning coffee with Vienna 1971 I got picked up for a day at the lake. Podersdorf might be a little more relaxed than the other places around the Neusiedlersee. Maybe it was just the long weekend that left the place empty. Whatever the reason, I loved it.
After dozing in the sun and finally a restorative nap, we needed some sustenance to keep us going for the rest of day. So what to do when you are at the lake? You stop for a Steckerlfisch and the best place to do that at the lake is here. So yummy and the best base for a long concert evening.
Because next up was another evening spent at the Wiener Kirtag. On Saturday night there was a free concert from Reinhard Fendrich. His best times might be behind him but he will always be the singer of the unofficial Austrian hymn ‘I am from Austria‘.067071076079

082And then another bright and sunny day, hot again and no clouds in the sky. This Sunday was reserved for my great-uncle. It has been a while since I had time to see him, usually my Sundays are for him but not every Sunday is doable. So no matter the weather, when possible I am on my way to see him. We spent a couple of heavenly hours in the garden. So quiet and cool there, like a breath of fresh air in the city. After a lovely morning and noon spent in this oasis, the rest of the day went by in a flash with HIIT still looming at the end of the day. Furthermore we now train outside in a park and every once in a while someone passes by, sits down at one of the park benches around and just watches. It’s funny and awkward at the same time but better than getting licked by a dog while doing push ups.
The best part about training on a Sunday night is though when Monday is off and one still has time to do something. Which is exactly what we did. After training super hard we went for a pork knuckle at the Schweizerhaus (could be reason why my scale never shows any reduction even though I go to HIIT twice a week).

084And then another beautiful and hot day dawned, really we cannot complain this year. After a delicious early morning breakfast at MQ Daily in great company, I rushed home for another pick-up. This time we went to Greifenstein which is my usual hang-out during summer time (thank you Julia!) where you can watch this castle from below while you are swimming in refreshingly cool water. We finished the day with fried chicken at the Heuriger Pospisil. Best chicken ever, plus huge portions which leaves enough for a great lunch the next day.

Weekends like these make me yearn for more; more summer, more vacation, more time spent with my friends. I have a feeling though, this is going to be one great summer!
Yours, Pollybert

A week of fun and play

When I look out of the window and see the glorious sunshine the rain at the beginning of last week seems far away. I had a great week which passed quickly and when I think about going on vacation next Saturday it almost seems to good to be true. Time is flying at the moment. Why? I have no clue, I just enjoy it.

Monday I met K at Figar again. This time for an after-work drink (for me that meant cherry coke and juice). I still like the place, I am just not happy that it allows smoking. It’s not so bad while there but once you leave everything reeks of stale smoke.002003

Tuesday is still HIIT day. Just because I don’t mention about it, doesn’t mean I am not going there. Twice a week, every Sunday and Tuesday, I attend, sweat and get a bit fitter. My progress is remarkable because I can actually notice that I am getting better at doing stuff. Just tell that to my jeans though!


During the day and also all Wednesday I attended a first aid seminar. Hopefully I will never need it, but at least now I am prepared (as far as one can be prepared for an emergency situation). Here you see me with a pressure dressing and bunny ears.



Wednesday I had dinner with co-workers at the Gaumenspiel. The restaurant has been around for quite a while now and I remember being there years ago. The first time I was super impressed by their panna cotta, second time I was super disappointed because they had no more panna cotta on their menu. So third time is a charm and I hoped for the best.


Doesn’t it look amazing? And maybe that was my problem because it tasted good but not great. And the presentation made me hope for so much more. In the end I found the dessert to be the best course of the meal and as usual when something is so good I have no picture of it. My pistachio nougat layer “wonder” was gone in a flash.

Thursday I had a date with my great-uncle to see a concert at the Musikverein which he then had to cancel last minute. My younger brother was the perfect substitue though and we ended up having a great night out. We were expecting to see a concert with the well known conductor Franz Welser-Möst (well known because even I heard about him) but ended up seeing Andrés Orozco-Estrada. Now I am not a music critique and have actually no idea if something is well played or not. But I can say if I like the music, if it moves me or not. And this concert did, they played something from Gustav Mahler and it had such an uplifting effect. Also the conductor was putting all his emotions into his work, he almost seemed to dance in front of the orchester. Just loved it (plus it was short, by 9:15 we were out of there).

This week I had more work and less fun but it doesn’t matter because tonight I am leaving on vacation to Turkey! Will talk to you there. Yours, Pollybert

Starting out lazy

The new year is already a couple of weeks old and I haven’t really written anything. So what can I saw except that I am a lazy cow? Sorry!

001 I have been only lazy on the writing front though, having continued with going to HIIT classes twice a week and running every week. This week we finally cracked the 8k mark. Our goal is a 10k run in April. Let’s see if we can get there and if we achieve it in a reasonable time. No point in running a 10k race when it takes me more than 1:10h (a long, long time ago I did a half-marathon in 2:06h). As you can see we were slow but at least it’s a start. During a race I am usually faster anyway what with all the adrenalin. But I really wish my training runs could be a bit faster as well. I know we have to insert sprints again to get the time going, so far I just feel lucky that I even finish. Anyway, this is only the beginning. I don’t want to be too tough on myself, we still have a couple of weeks until the race.

The first vacation of the year is looming ahead. I am leaving on Friday to go skiing for a couple of days. I am not so sure about the weather though and if it’s not really sunny and nice I might just spend my days at a spa. Also with the unseasonal warm weather in Austria there is only a thin layer of snow and the rest on top is all artificial. But no matter what, I am leaving Vienna and only come back on Monday night. Isn’t that a great way to start the new year?

As a New Year’s resolution I decided this year to forgo one. I have been really good lately sportswise and otherwise. At least I like to think so. Therefore I have earned myself a year just going on as before. I love my life so why should I change anything about it? What do you think?
Yours, Pollybert

Blurred lines – the sporty girl

It’s almost Christmas and the perfect season to stay on the couch, enjoy some mulled wine and Christmas cookies. Which is what I am not trying to do this year. I know I haven’t updated you on my sport ambitions in a long time but they are still there.

I have run at least once a week either alone or with my friends since summer. We also signed up to the New Year’s Eve run run to give us some extra motivation! I am not sure our speed is getting any better but the length of the course should not prove to be an obstacle anymore.



Also HIIT is still a big hit with me. The last month I have tried to go twice a week. Every Sunday and Tuesday. I cannot always make it but I am not giving up the fight against the cookies. Going to my HIIT class always costs me a lot of effort. Every time we start the warm up I think to myself “What am I doing here?”. But then after class I am super happy I went. I feel great after sweating for an hour and testing my limits.

As Robin Thicke sings so nicely: ‘I know you want it‘ even though he means something completely different. Yours, Pollybert