Labour Day

The best part about Labour Day is that there is no labour on this day. What better way to start a holiday than going for a run in preparation of the “Spring Run” on Sunday. We are not in form, I am actually feeling quite exhausted while running. But never mind, on Sunday morning we will run the 7k distance. This was my face after the run today, I look like I finished a marathon.008

Haha, will look worse on Sunday though. At least by 10am it’s over, this I know for sure.

So what to do with the rest of this beautiful day? I decided on soaking up the sun again. This time near the place I live. Cross the bridge with me and come on over.

015This is where I lay my head while the sun is shining.

As we all can see a pedicure is in order, will get to that tonight. Enjoy your day too! Yours, Pollybert