A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson: After ‘Life after Life‘ another great book from Kate Atkinson. The author calls it a companion book to ”Life after Life’, I also read somewhere that it is a sequel. I find it could be a stand-alone, only for the ending to understand you might need the knowledge from the first book. Anyway, I loved it. Very interesting to read Ted’s story and his life as a bomber pilot in WWII. I was always fascinated by this subject, ever since I read a Reader’s Digest novel in boarding school called ‘Last days of summer’ or something similar (I can’t really remember the title and I never found it online although I did extensive research).

Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff: There was a lot more to Cleopatra than her being the mistress of the two greatest men of her time. An astute leader of her people for 22 years she had few peers in her time. To reduce her to a beauty and a seductress wouldn’t do her justice at all as I learned in the book. She bested the men and managed her country with her intelligence but to acknowledge that wouldn’t look good for Octavian. So much easier to blame it on her beguiling abilities.

Amsterdam by Ian McEwan: Once you betray a friendship all hell can break loose even if it is in a very quiet way. The two friends Vernon and Clive united in their hatred of the husband of their former lover Molly make a pact that has eventually unforeseen consequences. Great read with interesting characters and food for thoughts.

Ach, wär ich nur zu Hause geblieben by Kerstin Gier: Short stories about traveling that were mediocre. Good to read on short metro rides but not enough to keep your mind occupied.


Lazy day and night

Another lazy day in Paradisi. We had a long breakfast, were the last to leave as usual and then went back to the room for Andrea to have a little yoga session.
We were only interrupted by the cleaning ladies, but the were nice enough to come back later.

The English tourists at our hotel were lounging around the pool, getting a sunburn when we left for the beach. What is the point of going on vacation to an island with lots of beaches when you stay by the pool all day long? Not that I miss them at the beach, just asking.
The stoney beach we enjoy seems to be the private beach of Paradisi. All day people come and go, jump into the sea for quick dip and then dash back to whatever they were doing. We met the waitress from our beer place and some youngsters from the main square here.
There is also a cool wind blowing all day which makes coming out of the sea feel cold. All in all the name Paradisi is well chosen, it is a lovely place.

I finished ‘Life after life’ by Kate Atkinson yesterday. It is a bit like ‘Groundhog day’ from the concept but it is also so much more. I loved it, loved the ending, was talking endlessly with Andrea about it (I am sure she didn’t care, but she also didn’t mind). It is a book that stays with you. And the ending was great.
I have embarked on ‘Furious Love’ by Sam Kashner now, the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The thing is that I have this book in hard cover so I cannot carry it around with me everywhere.
Therefore I started a second book on my e-reader, ‘Requiem’ by Lauren Oliver. It’s the third installment in the Delirium trilogy, I loved the first two books. The concept of a world without feelings is disturbing and although we have all been through heart-ache (I know I have been through my share), it’s not something I can imagine.

So while the waves were high and the wind was blowing, there was lots of time to contemplate life.


It’s Andrea in the foreground, fighting the waves.

After an ice coffee at the Whispering Sea and more time on the beach, we went back to our hotel to enjoy a beer before dinner while waiting for the after sun lotion to do its job.
We decided then to watch the sunset, something we hadn’t had the time so far on this vacation. On the way to Paradisi village we stopped thus at this place.

Sunset was great, just not as spectacular as we thought. The sun did not set in the sea but actually behind an island called Simi.


We also tried a new restaurant last night, another ‘Paradise’.

20130629-092356.jpg Dinner was super delicious and this time we even took pictures.



20130629-092518.jpg We tend to eat lots of meze and no main dish. And always Greek salad and Tzatziki which doesn’t leave room for lots of other choices. Still, we manage to fill the table.


Yours, Pollybert


After a long wedding party and a short night at the airport we arrived in Rhodes yesterday at 9am. Blue sky, high temperatures and the sea were waiting for us. And that’s all we did. Spent our first day at the beach (after a nap in the room), then walked into Paradisi for a cold beer.

I finished ‘The fault in our stars’ by John Green and spent the better part if this evening crying. Woke up the next morning with eyes like a zombie, but was asked at work if I had partied hard the night before. As if I ever do? The book was beautiful, a difficult subject, but amazingly up-lifting. I like to take a message with me, and John Green delivers.
Started with ‘Life after life’ by Kate Atkinson and the book is great so far, very twisted and interesting to see how narrow the thin line is between life and death.
Will leave you with some pics.
Yours, Pollybert